BA Best paper Award


Thursday, February 9, 2017 the BA Best Paper Award 2016 ceremony took place.

This year five Business Analytics (BA) students were nominated:

- Tobias Dekker: “Impact of Electric Vehicles on the Low Voltage Grid”

- Ali el Hassouni: “Datadriven models for mortality assessment at the Intensive Care Unit"

- Pjotr Roelofsen: “Determining the capacity of the central registration desk of the VUmc”

- Bram Rodenburg: “Deep Learning in Histopathology"

- Nauman Yousaf: “Analysing which factors are of influence in predicting the employee turnover"

After a warm welcome by Daphne van Leeuwen of Alubwi, Lodewijk Nauta gave us a brief inside in the use of analytics for the public transport in Rotterdam. Hereafter the nominees gave a short presentation about their Research Paper and they also defended their research in front of the the jury Sandjai Bhulai (chairman), Ger Koole, Menno Dobber, Cindy de Groot (absent) en Angelique Mak (absent). Ger Koole announced the winner: Nauman Yousaf won the Best Paper Award this year. He received the cup from Jeroen van den Hoven, the winner of 2015. Congratulations Nauman!


15:45 uur Arrival, coffee and tea
16:00 uur Welcome by Alubwi
16:10 uur Keynote speaker Lodewijk Nauta (KPMG) about analytics in the public transport in Rotterdam
16:25 uur Winner last year: Jeroen van den Hoven
16:30 uur Presentations nominees
17:15 uur Awards ceremony
17:20 uur Refreshments!

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Previous winners of the BA Best Paper Award are:

Year:Student:Research Paper BA title:
Nauman Yousaf
Analysing which factors are of influence in predicting the employee turnover
2015Jeroen van den HovenAnalyzing Spotify Data
2014Frederieke van der ListRisicomodel POWI met machine learning technieken. Logistic regression of decision tree learning (Confidential)
Reinier van den Assum
Twitter for failure. The use of Twitter to detect failures in online systems
Irving van Heuven van StaerelingSchool Timetabling in Theory and Practice
2011Jos van GulickHedge funds. On their dynamics and the consequences for risk & portfolio management
2010Michael LieGerichte immunisatiestrategie met onnauwkeurige informatie in schaalvrije netwerken. Hoe kunnen we een nieuwe griepepidemie voorkomen?
2009Wouter PeppingThe Shortest Route
2008Rob KonijnKijkcijfers. Het optimaliseren van reclameopbrengsten tijdens SBS films
2007Angelique MakApproximate Linear Programming for Traffic Control at Isolated Signalized Intersections
2006Dennis RoubosWiskundige modellen voor filevorming
2005Laurenz EveleensDynamic prediction of the number of page views
2004Anke HutzschenreuterWaiting Patiently - An analysis of the performance aspect of outpatient scheduling in health care institutes
2003Theo PeekUsing XML in Call Centres
2002Menno DobberStrategieen bij routeplanning voor servicemonteurs
2001Laurens van VenrooyYield Management Toepassinf door luchtvaartmaatschappijen
2000M. de RoodeEen speurtocht naar oplossingen
1999E. TreurData Quality Control
1998S. BhulaiEfficient Consumer Response
1997H. RobrochEen model voor cachen op het WWW
1996R.C.G.H. SelieAfhakers in wachtrijen. Hoe een verdeling van de afhaaktijd te bepalen
1995M.M. GreuterNeuraal bij faillissementsvoorspelling fataal? Het voorspellen van faillissement met behulp van neurale netwerken
1994J.A.C. GeerlingsNeurale netwerken toegepast bij fraudebestrijding. In hoeverre is het dusteren van data zinvol?


The BA Best Paper Award is awarded annually in February to the student who produced the 'best' paper in the previous year. All theses submitted, presented, assessed, and nominated by the supervisor during that year are eligible.
From those theses awarded a grade of at least 8, the Internship Office produces a shortlist of between three and five contenders.

Criteria for nomination are:

  • Subject (originality, topicality).
  • Communicative aspects (presentation, good use of language, writing style, formulation, etc.).
  • The assessment of the Research Paper BA supervisor.

The award of the Prize

The nominated theses are read by a panel of judges: dr. S. Bhulai (chairman), prof.dr. G.M. Koole, dr. Menno Dobber (former student, Quantitative Developer at NN Group), Cindy de Groot, MSc  (former student, Advanced Analytics Professional and Owner at De Groot Analytics Professionals), and Angelique Mak, MSc (former student, Credit Risk Modeller at ABN AMRO Bank N.V.).
The award will be presented to the paper which, in the opinion of the judges:

  • Adequately integrates the components of business economics, econometrics, mathematics and computer science.
  • Addresses an original and socially relevant topic.
  • Shows appropriate depth of content.
  • Represents practical applicability.
  • Is well presented, well written, effectively laid out, etc.
  • Shows originality, creativity and innovation.

The judges produce a report explaining their reasons for having selected the winner. The prize is presented at a public meeting during which the chairman of the judges reads the report aloud.


The prize

The winner of the BA Best Paper Award receives a trophy, a certificate, a pen-and-pencil set and a coupon for books.

More information about the BA Best Paper Award, see