Bachelor’s degree programmes

The Faculty of Science offers seventeen Bachelor’s degree programmes. A Bachelor’s degree programme usually takes three years to complete, after which you can opt to do a Master’s.

LifestyleInformaticsArtificial Intelligence
Let people live more.
BiologieBiologie (Biology)
Study the living world around you and solve life-science issues.

Biomedical Sciences BSc
Biomedical Sciences
Researching diseases, getting to grips with them and helping to solve them.
Business Analytics
Making business out of analytics.
Scheikunde (Chemistry)
Get more out of matter!
Computer Science
Computer Science
Join The Talent Network.
Aardwetenschappen (Earth Sciences)
40,000 kilometers of circumference, 6,370 kilometers deep, 4.6 billion years old. Is that enough for you?
Aarde en economie
Aarde en economie (Earth Sciences and Economics)
Contributing to sustainable use of the earth with an economic view.
Gezondheid en leven
Gezondheid en leven (Health and Life Sciences)
From molecule to society.
Gezondheidswetenschappen (Health Sciences)
Knowledge for better health care.
InformatieMultimediaInformation Sciences
Introduce the right technical applications to optimize and innovate organizations.
A broad and challenging programme for students who love logical thinking, and are not afraid of abstraction and complex calculations.
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
More and more social issues require high-tech solutions, such as drones that ensure safety. Convert your technical knowledge into innovative solutions for topical issues.
MedischeNatuurwMedische natuurwetenschappen (Medical Natural Sciences)
Use your knowledge of science to increase people's well-being.
Farmaceutische Wetenschappen
Farmaceutische wetenschappen (Pharmaceutical Sciences)
Discover and develop new, safe medicines for people and society.
NatuurSterrenkundeNatuur- en Sterrenkunde (Physics and Astronomy)
Make a fundamental contribution to our society, explain the issues of the universe.
SBI algemeen
Science, Business & Innovation
Translate your talent in science and entrepreneurship into innovative solutions for economics and society.

Interested in exchange studies?

You are most welcome to apply at our faculty as an exchange student! We offer exchange programmes for students from partner universities for one (5 months) or two semesters (10 months). The first step is to contact the International Office of your home university, since they must formally nominate you. For more information about exchange possibilities at VU University Amsterdam please look at the following page:

Exchange Programmes