Dual programme Business Analytics

The dual Master's programme combines work and study. During this programme the student is employed part time, and studies part time. The work has to be relevant for the study. The external master's project is incorporated in the work, although supervision of the external master's project has to involve two university staff members. In addition the student gets 12 credit points (cp) for the work time.

Admission to the dual master's programme is granted to those who have a Business Analytics Bachelor's degree. For those with another university Bachelor's degree such as Mathematics, Econometrics, Computer Science, or a Bachelor's degree from an institute of higher education, admission may be granted on an individual basis. Those seeking admission to the dual master's programme should realise that admission also depends on obtaining suitable employment. The Vrije Universiteit has contacts with a number of companies that are interested in participating in the programme.

For more information concerning the dual master's programme, take a look at the Course Manual Dual Master Business Analytics. If you have any question you can contact the coordinator for the dual master's project: drs. Annemieke van Goor, or the master coordinator.

- Course Manual Dual Master Business Analytics

- Proposal Dual Master Business Analytics (submit this proposal by e-mail no later than mid-June to Annemieke van Goor)

- Assessment Form Work Period Dual Master Business Analytics