Master Project Business Analytics Internship reports

- Master Project Business Analytics 1994-2014

Master Project Business Analytics 2015-current:

NameTitle internship reports Master Project Business AnalyticsSupervisor
Dorien Verbruggen
'Insurance fraud detection with Federated learning' (Confidential), May 2021dr. Jakub Tomczak
Bram Vermeulen
'Imbalance Price Forecasting. A Machine learning approach' (Confidential), May 2021
dr. Alessandro Zocca
Thom de Nijs
'Improving the prediction of medical expenses within the Dutch Risk Equalization model. Introducing new features evaluated with different techniques' (Confidential), April 2021
prof. dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Daan van der Thiel
'Significant wave height prediction using an long short-term memory model and Numerical weather prediction forecasts' (Confidential), April 2021
dr. Rikkert Hindriks
Mats Valk
'Developing a robust and scalable plastic object detection model for The Ocean Cleanup' (Confidential), April 2021dr. Jakub Tomczak
Liselotte van Unen
'Understanding the Business of Mining Equipment' (.pdf-file), April 2021
dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Alexander van Oostveen
'Twitter Sentiment Analysis. Supporting Auditor Judgment' (.pdf-file), March 2021prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Thijs Tiedemann
'Machine Learning Interpretability for Fraud Detection' (Confidential), December 2020
dr. Rikkert Hindriks
Ruben Helsloot
'HR Consultant in a box. Discovering insights in personnel data using multimodal optimisation' (Confidential), January 2021prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Stephan van der Kolff
'Legal Information Retrieval' (Confidential), March 2021dr. Florian Kunneman
Wouter Bosch
'Predicting hospital admission in the emergency department' (Confidential), March 2021
dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Rens IJsendijk
'Classification of health insurance claim information in email messages' (Confidential), March 2021dr. Eliseo Ferrante
Mark Buis
'Vessel speed prediction using machine learning techniques' (Confidential), February 2021
David Romero Guzman
Nanne Dieleman'Solving the Buffer Allocation Problem in Tandem Lines with Machine Learning Techniques' (.pdf-file), January 2021
dr. Joost Berkhout
Lester Jones
'Availability Rate Forecasting in an Online Accommodation Platform ' (Confidential), January 2021dr. Dennis Doblerempty
Paulo Fijen
'Correcting the Sample Bias in Credit Scoring using Reject Inference' (Confidential), January 2021
dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Maurits Freriks
'Modelling the success rate of a professional sprinter using power data' (Confidential), January 2021
dr. René Bekker
Charif Lalaoui El Mouttalibi
'Optimization of Base Station Locations and Inspection Routes' (Confidential), December 2020prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Abel Schneider
'Sentiment analysis in the healthcare domain' (.pdf-file), December 2020
dr. René Bekker
Jasper Tump
'Steel Surface Feature Classification using Deep Learning' (Confidential), December 2020Robin van Ruitenbeek and prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Niki Vatzola
'Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis on Online Reviews using Machine and Deep Learning' (.pdf-file), December  2020dr. Eliseo Ferrante
Maiky Chintoe
'Predicting productivity of a security filter using machine learning' (Confidential), November 2020
dr. René Bekker
Tim Flikweert
'Binary Classification of Professional Criminals using Residential Information' (Confidential), November 2020prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Reven Passial
'Creating a patient embedding for machine learning purposes in healthcare' (Confidential), November 2020dr. Michael Cochez
Satuki Kalverda'Master Thesis Dronesurance' (Confidential), October 2020
prof. dr. Ronald Meester
Tim Peters
'Predicting customer sentiment for bank e-mail marketing' (Confidential), October 2020dr. Florian Kunneman
Shand Jamil
'Using NLP methods on public text data to predict the residual value of lease cars' (Confidential), October 2020prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Vincent Geschiere
'Master Dissertation Business Analytics. Anomaly detection for predicting failures in waterpumping stations ' (.pdf-file), October 2020prof. dr. Ger Koole
Yi-Ting Lin
'Customer Churn Analysis and Prediction Modelling at Icecat, a Content Syndicator ' (.pdf-file), September 2020dr. Dennis Doblerempty
Berend Mortier
'Algorithm Power Trading, a Reinforcement Learning Approach' (Confidential), August 2020prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Maartje Bongers
'Business Development Kitchen Appliances' (Confidential), August 2020dr. Ali Mehrabi en dr. Walter Stortelder
Arjan Fakhtei
'Website Audience Demographics Prediction for Targeted Advertising' (Confidential), August 2020prof. dr. Guszti Eiben
Jerry Timmer
'Forecasting sales using machine learning techniques' (Confidential), August 2020dr. Jakub Tomczak
Jesse Schouten
'A click optimization approach for keyword bidding in Google Ads.' (Confidential), August 2020prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Jarik den Uijl
'Applying optimization models in the supply chain of the biggest sportswear company in the world' (Confidential), August 2020Jesper Slik en prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Arnout Berkenbosch
'Augmented Data Discovery. Implementation of an Augmented Data Discovery solution'  (.pdf-file), August 2020prof. dr. Guszti Eiben
Floor Otsen
'A Clustering Method to Detect Mobile Organised Crime Groups' (.pdf-file), August 2020prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Katrin Kostova
'Fashion classification and segmentation. An instance segmentation approach' (.pdf-file), August 2020prof. dr. Guszti Eiben
Ezgi Yüce
'Validation of Call Center Assumptions and Prediction of a Single-Skill Call Center Performance Measures via Machine Learning Approach' (.pdf-fil), August 2020dr. Eliseo Ferrante
Robin Opdam
'Comparison of Deep Learning Product Recommendation Engines in Different Settings' (.pdf-file), August 2020prof. dr. Guszti Eiben
Luca De Vita
'Keyphrase Extraction: an Ensemble Approach' (.pdf-file), July 2020dr. Florian Kunneman
Janine van Wonderen
'Forecasting demand with capacity limitations' (Confidential), July 2020dr. Eduard Belitser
Pieter Zandijk
'Improving Customer Activation With a Customer Specific Discount Strategy' (Confidential), July 2020prof. dr. Ger Koole
Joyce Timmer
'Predicting Non-Finishers in Running Events: A Machine Learning Approach' (Confidential), July 2020dr. Eliseo Ferrante
Tom Boersma
'Unsupervised and Semi-supervised Topic Modeling in Big Unstructured Dutch Council Reports' (Confidential), July 2020dr. Florian Kunneman
Yannick Hogebrug
'Providing recommendations or house seekers using historical behaviour. A recommendation algorithm with the help of clustering in a low-dimensional space' (Confidential), July 2020dr. Jakub Tomczak
Bart Maters
'Passenger Punctuality Computation using Smart Card and Vehicle Location Data in a Multimodal Public Transport Network' (pdf-file), July 2020dr. Elenna Dugundji
Daan Denneman
'Churn Analysis for Season Ticket Holders at ...' (Confidential), July 2020dr. Rikkert Hindriks
Daphne Molenwijk
'Predicting the need for Targeted Sales Activities. A machine learning approach to probabilistically predict future need for Targeted Sales Activities ' (Confidential), July 2020prof. dr. Ger Koole
Tristan Slobben
'Improving equipment planning at Air France-KLM by means of time series forecasting and network flow optimization' (Confidential), July 2020prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Jeroen Kits
'Approaches to Predict the Relative Strength of Football Players' (Confidential), July 2020
prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Dominique Hopman
'Portfolio mortality factors ' (Confidential), July 2020
dr. Eduard Belitser
Kevin Overbeek
'Reinforcement Learning Based Control for Wastewater Purification Facilities' (.pdf-file), July 2020
dr. René Bekker
Sofie de Geus
'Utilizing Available Data to Warm Start Online Reinforcement Learning' (.pdf-file), June 2020
Ali el Hassouni MSc en dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Joshua Touati
'A deep learning approach to face image quality assessment' (.pdf-file), June 2020
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Cathy Tol
'Tracking soccer players using computer vision' (.pdf-file), June 2020
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Steven Duijvestijn
'Comparison of Product Recommender Models' (Confidential), June 2020
dr. Florian Kunneman
Emils Vavere
'BPM Lifecycle of the Sales Process' (Confidential), June 2020
dr. Elenna Dugundji
Raquel Humphris
'Testing Algorithm Fairness Metrics for Binary Classification Problems by Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms' (.pdf-file), June 2020
dr. Dennis Doblerempty
Rens Hakkesteegt'Improving the scheduling of automated movement of goods in warehousing' (Confidential), June 2020
dr. Joost Berkhout
Joris Slootweg
'Trip Planning for Tourist Destinations with Limited Capacity' (Confidential), June 2020
prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Chantal Leeuwestein
'Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Decision Support Systems in Financial Services' (Confidential), June 2020
dr. Mark Hogendoorn
Nadine Enning
'Gaining insights in learning content using topic modeling' (Confidential), June 2020
dr. Mark Hogendoorn
Bix Azurmendi
'Predictive modeling of the athletic footwear market in EMEA' (Confidential), May 2020
prof. dr. Ger Koole
Kilian Koreman
'Predicting employee attrition using machine learning techniques' (Confidential), April 2020

dr. Rikkert Hindriks
Daan Klijn
'Improving the Performance of Machine Learning Based E-commerce Fraud Detection Using a Novel Combination of Features' (Confidential), April 2020

dr. Mark Hogendoorn
Lotte Bijsterbosch
'The Parameter Efficiency of Neural Ordinary Differential Equations' (.pdf-file), March 2020
prof. dr. Joost Hulshof
Etienne van de Bijl
'Towards Graph-Based Intrusion Detection in Cybersecurity' (.pdf-file), March 2020
prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Anne Fischer
'Machine Learning on the ICU. To predict extubation outcome of patients on the ICU using machine learning. Decision support for doctors' (Confidential), March 2020
dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Josan Preijde
'Healthcare Population Management. A simulation model to support decision making in `right care at the right place' in a network of healthcare providers '   (.pdf-file), February 2020
dr. René Bekker
Inez Wensing
'Deep Learning and transfer learning in Biomedical relation extraction'  (.pdf-file), February 2020
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Marnix Maas
'How do you explain that? An assessment of black box model explainers' (.pdf-file), February 2020
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Yuval Pappie
'Automatic Car Parking Occupancy Detection with Computer Vision Techniques' (Confidential), February 2020
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Marcoen Beeks
'Constrained Mean-Variance Optimization with Robust Estimators' (Confidential), January 2020
dr. Svetlana Borovkova
Anouar Darrazi
'Predicting customer lifetime value for a subscription service using machine learning' (Confidential), January 2020
prof. dr. Ger Koole
Tijmen de Zwart 
'Valuing Civil Aviation Aircraft Parts: A Machine Learning Approach' (Confidential), January 2020
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Daan Crebolder
'Traffic Incident Congestion Modelling' (Confidential), January 2020
prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Maarten Kleinrensink
'Identifying future profitable clients shortly after entry' (Confidential), January 2020
prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Ruth Wijma
'Delay Prediction in Public Transit' (Confidential), December 2019
dr. Rikkert Hindriks
Menno Rotteveel
'Battery Utilization of Multi-rotor UAVs in Search and Rescue Operations. How to optimally use the battery potential of an autonomous multi-rotor UAV to execute a Search and Rescue operation mission plan' (Confidential), December 2019
prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Ruben Stam
'The Orienteering Problem applied for surveillance' (Confidential), December 2019
prof. dr. Ronald Meester 
Igor van Houte
'Evaluation of the Asset Swap Spread Proxy for Issuer Specific Risk of Bonds' (Confidential), December 2019
dr. Dennis Dobler
Carl van Roon
'Prediction of the Net Promoter Score' (Confidential), November 2019
dr. Dennis Dobler
Shanita Biere'Cost-Based Active Learning in a Multi-Annotator Environment' (Confidential), October 2019
prof. dr. Guszti Eiben
Roos Seelen'Forecast Booking Behavior in the Airline Industry with Machine Learning techniques' (Confidential), October 2019
prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Ciska Mohrs'Risk driver for SCR lapse' (Confidential), September 2019
dr. Elenna Dugundji
Sascha van Weerdenburg
'Production Duration Estimation in a Mass-Customization Age. A Machine Learning Approach' (.pdf-file), September 2019
dr. Joost Berkhout
Alissa de Bruijn
'Detecting offensive language using transfer learning' (.pdf-file), September 2019prof. dr. Wan Fokkink
Mark de Blaauw
'A Scalable Logo Recognition Model with Deep Meta-Learning' (.pdf-file), September 2019dr. Diederik Roijers
Roy van der Heide
'Fraud Prediction nowGo' (Confidential), September 2019
Qingchen Wang en prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Jurriaan Besenbruch
'CLV prediction in the field of e-commerce using “buy till you die” models and machine learning techniques' (Confidential), August 2019
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Marjolijn Cornelissen
'Text classification using unlabelled survey answers' (Confidential), August 2019
prof. dr. Guszti Eiben en dr. Diederik Roijers
Fenna Miedema
'Demand Forecasting of Animal Health products. Analysis on improvement of demand forecasting process' (Confidential), August 2019
dr. Rikkert Hindriks
Simone Spiering
'Comparative study of clustering methods' (Confidential), August 2019dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Laurèl Joannes
'Calculating the financial impact of a technological incident' (Confidential), August 2019prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Hans Nuijt
'The Effect of Maternal and Active Smoking on Lung Function: A Mendelian Randomization Approach' (.pdf-file), August 2019
prof.dr. Mathisca de Gunst
Vincent Jansz
'Semi-Supervised Echocardiographic Viewpoint Classification' (Confidential), August 2019
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Anne Jonker
'Bag & Tag’em, A new Dutch stemming algorithm' (.pdf-file), August 2019Corné de Ruijt MSc en prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Eva van Brummelen
'Customer Segmentation using Website Data. Clustering online customers using their click data and gaining useful insights into the created clusters' (Confidential), August 2019
dr. Rikkert Hindriks
Daniela Zamora Uribe
'Prediction of churn and customer lifetime value for a subscription-based service using behavioural and transactional data' (Confidential), August 2019
Ali el Hassouni MSc en dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Remco Vrinzen
'Predicting parking occupancy to give availability insights to employees' (Confidential), August 2019prof. dr. Ger Koole
Sebastiaan Berendsen
'Transparency in black box models. An investigation in interpretation methods for machine learning models in a probability to default setting' (.pdf-file), August 2019prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Wilte Falkena
'Vehicle Routing Problem with time windows: an Ant Colony Optimization solution' (Confidential), July 2019
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Jurn Ullrich
'Modeling Fuel Commodities Forward Curve Prices' (.pdf-file), July 2019dr. Eduard Belitser
Lucas van der Wall
'Detection of Deepfakes. Using Deep Learning' (Confidential), July 2019prof. dr. Wan Fokkink
Jeroen de Korte
'Optimizing hotel booking cancellations. A machine learning approach to estimate hotel reservation cancellation probabilities, and the effects on available inventory' (Confidential), July 2019prof. dr. Ger Koole
Ronald van Zwienen
'Information Retrieval with contract requirements' (Confidential), July 2019prof. dr. Guszti Eiben
Bjorn Blom
'Store Labour and Inventory Management' (Confidential), July 2019prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Robin van Ruitenbeek
'Vehicle Damage Detection using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks' (.pdf-file), July 2019prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Mathijs Koopman
'Using quote and web scraped data to improve the pricing to maximize profit of a logistic integrator company' (Confidential), July 2019prof. dr. Ger Koole
Ieva Brantevica
'Risk map development for a snow avalanche hazard' (.pdf-file), July 2019prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Ellen Mik
'Car Network Optimization' (Confidential), July 2019prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Cor Woudt
'Warehouse Optimization using Congestion Modelling' (Confidential), July 2019prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Jiri Brummer
'Comparing various Machine Learning Methods for Element Extraction in Dutch Contracts' (Confidential), June 2019
prof. dr. Piek Vossen en Filip Ilievski
Barend Verkerk
'De fanbase gesegmenteerd: een piramide van transactionele loyaliteit' (Confidential), June 2019prof. dr. Ger Koole
Oksana Kachaniuk
'Corporate Reputation Estimation based on biLSTM Neural Network Sentiment Analysis with Attention Mechanism' (Confidential), May 2019
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Bernard Bronmans
'Building detection on aerial imagery using Convolutional Neural Networks. On the robustness of Mask R-CNN and U-net' (.pdf-file), April 2019
dr. Peter Bloem en Rein van 't Veer MSc.
Robin Vastenou
'Machine Learning for Credit-Card Fraud Detection' (Confidential), April 2019dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Steven Postmus
'Generating patients behaviour using Generational Adversarial Networks' (Confidential), March 2019dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Bart van Aalst
'Comparison of Forecasting Methods for Demand Grocery Products' (Confidential), March 2019dr. René Bekker
Christine Vinck
'Predicting Non-Routine Work for Aircraft Maintenance. Decision support for workload planning' (Confidential), Februaryi 2019dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Larissa Westerdijk
'Classifying vessel types based on AIS data' (.pdf-file), February 2019prof. dr. Guszti Eiben
Rik van Leeuwen
'Unconstraining demand applied in the hospitality industry' (.pdf-file), January 2019prof. dr. Ger Koole
Florentine van Hees
'Machine learning predicting the expected loss of multiple non-life insurance products' (Confidential), January 2019Qingchen Wang en prof. dr. Ger Koole
Wouter den Duijn
'Unplanned Maintenance Duration Forecasting' (Confidential), December 2018dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Sinit Tafla
'An analyses of the current capabilities of neural networks to produce music-resembling audio' (.pdf-file), December 2018prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Jeroen van Kasteren
'Cost-Effectiveness of Expensive Drugs. Analysing dispensing practices, costs and effectiveness of expensive drugs' (.pdf-file), December 2018dr. Rikkert Hindriks
Ilse Goedhart
'Detecting GDPR Content in Emails. Classifying emails based on their content using machine learning' (Confidential), November 2018
dr. Diederik Roijers
Pablo Bosch
'A first attempt for artificial intelligence-assisted echocardiographic interpretation based on the apical four chamber video' (Confidential), November 2018
dr. Rutger Hofman
Joël Gastelaars
'Recommender Systems for TV Recordings' (Confidential), November 2018
Corné de Ruijt MSc en prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Ratna Agung
'Factor Selection in Equity Return Estimation using Tree-based Ensembles' (Confidential), October 2018
prof. dr. Wan Fokkink
Julian Alferink
'Statistical Analysis of Sequential Data' (Confidential), October 2018
Corné de Ruijt MSc en prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Emil Rijcken
'Predicting stock price movements based on newspaper articles using a novel deep learning approach' (.pdf-file), September 2018prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Emma Schipper
'Predicting the maintenance costs of a housing corporation' (Confidential), September 2018
Qingchen Wang en prof. dr. Ger Koole
David Lotten
'Scheduling Planned Hangar Maintenance' (.pdf-file), September 2018
prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Ashvin Jayaraj
'Understanding access/egress train station choice in bicycle-train travel in the western region of the Netherlands' (Confidential), September 2018
dr. Elenna Dugundji
Caleb Mensah
'Anomaly detection in the booking behaviour of online travel agents' (Confidential), September 2018
Jan Klein MSc
Mark Vermeer
'Classifying bank transactions using Extreme Gradient Boosting' (Confidential), September 2018
Qingchen Wang en prof. dr. Ger Koole
Arjan Bontsema
'Forecasting Ammonium Concentration In Wastewater Treatment Plant Effluent' (Confidential), September 2018
dr. Dennis Dobler
Derek van den Elsen
'Reinventing the Territory Optimizer. What makes a Balanced Aesthetic?' (.pdf-file), September 2018
Irving van Heuven van Staereling MSc en prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Anya Pechina
'Real-time dispatching and relocation of service engineers' (.pdf-file), August 2018
prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Omesh Debipersad
'Predicting outliers in the steam and water sensors of [...]. A data driven research to predict outliers [...]' (Confidential), August 2018
dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Marius van den Bergh Weerman
'Improving the parameter study of individual life of Vivat' (Confidential), August 2018
dr. Eduard Belitser
Luc Severeijns
'Challenging LGD models with Machine Learning' (.pdf-file), August 2018
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Shanti Bruyn
'Predictive Maintenance for Sewer Systems using Machine Learning. A comparative study on the performance of three algorithms' (.pdf-file), August 2018
prof. dr. Wan Fokkink
Georgios Christos Chouliaras'Predicting customer loyalty using machine learning' (Confidential), August 2018
prof. dr. Wan Fokkink
Leidy Esperanza Molina Fernández
'Understanding user behavior in e-commerce with Long Short-term Memory (LSTM) and Autoencoders' (.pdf-file), August 2018
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Suzanne van der Velden
'A Comparison of Methods to Increase the Interpretability of Neural Networks on Twitter Data' (Confidential), August 2018
prof. dr. Wan Fokkink
Kasper Meijjer
'Predicting hand luggage behaviour of KLM customers world wide' (Confidential), August 2018
dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Dino Spirtovic
'Aircraft Preventive Maintenance: Task Packaging & Scheduling' (Confidential), August 2018
dr. René Bekker
Daan Bakker
'Missing data analysis' (Confidential), August 2018
prof. dr. Guszti Eiben
Claudia Sulsters
'Ranking the Future Stars. A machine learning approach to predict the performance of a potential Formula 3 driver' (.pdf-file), August 2018
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Dennis Kraakman
'Breast Cancer Classification using Deep Learning' (Confidential), August 2018
dr. Rutger Hofman
Tirza Jochemsen
'A comparative study of attribution models' (Confidential), August 2018
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Jan-Willem Feilzer
'Predicting Lessee Switch Behavior. An Empirical Comparison of Neural Networks and Logit Models' (.pdf-file), August 2018
dr. Elenna Dugundji
Milou Meeuwisse
'Connecting the Dots. Developing an Algorithm for Consistency Checking in Military Intelligence' (.pdf-file), August 2018
prof. dr. Wan Fokkink
Marjolein Bosson'Modeling spread risk as a basis for the strategic asset allocation' (Confidential), August 2018dr. Svetlana Borovkova
Veronika Zhezhela
'Recommandation Engine for the Wholesale Customers' (.pdf-file), July 2018
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Desmond Cheung
'Optimization of Text Extraction on Law Enforcement Data' (.pdf-file), July 2018
dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Arno Hendriksen'Predicting employee attrition [...]' (Confidential), July 2018prof.dr. Mathisca de Gunst
Nils Mackay
'In-game win probability estimation in football' (Confidential), July 2018
prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Tim Elfrink
'Performance of exploration methods using DQN' (.pdf-file), July 2018
Ali el Hassouni MSc
Jesper Slik
'Prescribing Customer Interactions Using Markov Decision Theory' (Confidential), July 2018
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Jantine Flendrie
'Predicting E-commence Cross-sell Items using Machine Learning Techniques' (Confidential), July 2018
dr. Eduard Belitser
Laura van der Bijl
'Het voorspellen van het boekingsgedrag' (Confidential), July 2018
prof. dr. Ger Koole
Thomas Heeneman
'Neuro-Evolution for image classification To solve the complex design challenges of convolutional neural networks' (Confidential), July 2018
prof. dr. Guszti Eiben
Brian Verweij
'Modelling consultancy pipeline revenue using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence' (Confidential), July 2018
prof. dr. Joost Hulshof
Judith Bol
'De toekomst van Postzegel' (Confidential), July 2018
prof. dr. Ronald Meester
Rozemarijn Veldhuis
'A Comparison of Transport Strategies for Truck Transport of export Freight at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol' (Confidential), July 2018
dr. Elenna Dugundji
Babiche de Jong
'Achieving trustworthiness and transparency in scrap trade by implementing a scoring algorithm' (Confidential), June 2018
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Yura Perugachi-Diaz
'A Machine Learning-based Prediction of Credit Risk for a Micro-Credit Institution' (Confidential), May 2018
dr. Dennis Dobler
Jeroen Hörters
'Churn analytics in Utrecht Libraries. A data-driven approach using machine learning' (.pdf-file), May 2018
dr. Rikkert Hindriks
Kylie van der Moot
'Comparison Of Airline Ancillary Recommendation Models' (Confidential), April 2018
dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Mark Menagie
'A comparison of machine learning algorithms using an insufficient number of labeled observations' (.pdf-file), March 2018
dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Jeffrey de Deijn
'Automatic Car Damage Recognition using Convolutional Neural Networks' (.pdf-file), March 2018
dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Pjotr Roelofsen
'Time series clustering' (.pdf-file), March 2018
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Jan van der Vegt
'Airline Check-in Process Optimization By using passenger level predictions' (Confidential), February 2018
prof. dr. Ger Koole
Sil Grosscurt
'Data-gedreven inkoop van verse bloemen en planten. Een onderzoek naar de mogelijkheden van data en machine learning in de tuinbouw wereld' (Confidential), February 2018
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Marloes Boxelaar
'Efficiënt inplannen van structurele transportorders' (.pdf-file), February 2018
dr. René Bekker
Linda Koetsier
'Improving the current risk driver approach for the projection of the Solvency Capital Requirement' (Confidential), January 2018
dr. Eduard Belitser
Valeria Fonti
'Hotel clustering' (Confidential), December 2017
dr. Davide Ceolin
Hessel Jonker
'Electric ambulances' (.pdf-file), November 2017
dr. René Bekker
Chi Chun Wan
'Forecasting E-commerce Key Performance Indicators' (.pdf-file), November 2017dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Laurens Bos
'Hospital Bed Occupancy Prediction. Developing and Implementing a predictive analytics decision support tool to relate Operation Room usage to bed occupancy' (.pdf-file), November 2017prof. dr. Ger Koole
Manon Wintgens
'The impact of the global financial crisis on the profitability of independent wholesale distributors in Europe' (Confidential), October 2017dr. Eduard Belitser
My Loan Tong
'Cross-Sell Product Prediction at Travix' (Confidential), September 2017dr. Eduard Belitser
Tobias Dekker
'Predicting the duration of a low voltage power outage', (Confidential), August 2017dr. Eduard Belitser
Job Ammerlaan'Clustering and peer pricing of TNT Express’ customer base. Taking a clustering approach to customer segmentation and pricing analysis for a logistic integrator company' (Confidential), August 2017prof. dr. Ger Koole
Nikita Galinkin
'Catch Them If You Can. A Simulation Study on Malicious Behavior in a Cultural Heritage Question Answering System' (.pdf-file), August 2017dr. Lora Aroyo
Jullian van Kampen
'Decision Modelling for Transport to the Danube Region. Forecasting the Choice of Modality and an Analysis of Water Level Development' (Confidential), August 2017
dr. Elenna Dugundj i
Georgios Christos Chouliaras
'Predicting participant behavior and dropout in a physical activity experiment using machine learning' (Confidential), August 2017
Bart Kamphorst MSc BA
Dimitry Erkin
'Delivery routing challenge for a European retailer' (.pdf-file), August 2017prof. dr. Ger Koole
Léon Roeterdink
'Een online compressie algoritme voor grote hoeveelheden AIS data', (Confidential), July 2017dr. Evert Haasdijk
Irene Oudshoorn
'Sales Value Optimisation', (Confidential), July 2017dr. Eduard Belitser
Abel Hijmans
'Passenger Demand Forecasting In The European AviationMarket', (Confidential), July 2017dr. Evert Haasdijk
Koen Koopen
'Process Conformance in the Audit. Identifying Bottlenecks in the Purchasing Process' , July 2017dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Suzanne Wetstein
'Designing a Dutch financial chatbot. Applying natural language processing and machine learning techniques to retrieval-based question answering' (.pdf-file), July 2017dr. Tobias Kuhn
Adnan Kuhait
'A Mathematical Model for Optimizing Refugees’ chances at the Dutch labor market' (Confidential), July 2017prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Kevin Land
'Propagation of parameter uncertainty in a cyber risk quantification model' (Confidential), July 2017dr. Eduard Belitser
Marieke Kortsmit
'Prediction of Car Residual Values' (Confidential), July 2017
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prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Youri van Son
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Bram Rodenburg
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Hanna Nap
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Sabine Goezinne
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Priy Werrij
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prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Else Wolfswinkel
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Indrek Pärna
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Tamara Ockhuijsen
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prof. dr. Ger Koole
Roan van der Lee
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Sven van der Kooij
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dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Georgios Galvas
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dr. Evert Haasdijk
Edwin Wanner
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Ivo van der Stap
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Alieke Maas
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Matthijs Kuijt
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prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Jelmer Blok
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dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Matthijs Toorenburg
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Kwongyen Mok
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Niamh Bermingham-McDonogh
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dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
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dr. Sandjai Bhulai
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Lisanne van der Breggen
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Bas de Jong
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Nadra Abdalla
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Reinier van den Assum
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dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Kabira Bouamrani
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dr. Evert Haasdijk
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Bastiaan Kars
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dr. Evert Haasdijk
Bas Schmidt
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Tim Steinkuhler
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prof. dr. Ger Koole
Frederieke van der List
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dr. Evert Haasdijk
Bart Jeukendrup
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dr. Evert Haasdijk
Joris Cramwinckel
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Roan Meulblok
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dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Claudia ten Hoope
'Product Pricing at McDonald’s' (Confidential), January 2015
dr. Mark Hoogendoorn