About the Graduate School

The Graduate School integrates MSc and PhD training and represents seven complementary Master’s programmes in the field of Earth, Environment, and Ecology.

EEE scheme


Our aims

  • Strengthening of excellence in training and teaching
  • Education and research with a strong international focus
  • Providing top quality education

Our students will develop academic skills as well as practical experience making them versatile high potential employees. The Graduate School offers a full spectrum of academic degrees: this enables students to participate at a high level in academic training and is the entry card to Ph.D. programmes organized within two Dutch research schools:

  1. the Netherlands Research School in Sedimentary Geology (NSG), accredited by ECOS
    NSG represents research collaboration between Utrecht University and VU University Amsterdam in the field of Sedimentary Geology.
  2. the SENSE Research School for Socio-Economic and Natural Sciences of the Environment
    SENSE research focuses on both the natural sciences and socio-economic fields of environmental research. 

Quality control

Through a series of internal review procedures as well as independent reviews of student reports not only the progress of the individual students will be evaluated but also the quality of our education in general. In addition, external reviewers evaluate the training programmes on a regular basis.