VU Graduate School of Earth, Environment and Ecology

Our Graduate School combines education on a Master's degree level with research and Ph.D.-training. These Master’s programmes integrate Natural Sciences with Social and Life Sciences.     

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The Graduate School cooperates closely with three Research Institutes of VU University Amsterdam. You can find more information on their work and expertises through the links below.

IvA Earth Sciences
The Institute of Earth Sciences focuses its research on the understanding of the Earth as a coupled system with emphasis on interaction within and between the geo-, hydro-, bio-, and atmosphere.

  • IvA Earth Sciences

Institute for Environmental Studies
The Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM) aims to contribute to sustainable development and the rehabilitation and preservation of the environment through academic research and training.

  • IVM

IEW Ecological Science
The Institute of Ecological Science covers all aspects of terrestrial ecology, from molecular ecology to ecosystems ecology in which plants, animals and micro-organisms are studied.

  • IEW