VU matching programme

Try out your chosen study programme

It is important to us at VU University Amsterdam that you choose the study programme that is right for you. In addition to getting acquainted with your chosen study programme through the website, visiting information days and taking part in programme-related activities, the VU Matching Programme assists you in making the right choice. This increases your chances of successfully completing your programme.

Matching in two steps

  • Fill in the VU University Amsterdam Matching Questionnaire
    After applying through Studielink, the first step in the VU Matching Programme is to fill in a digital questionnaire. This is part of the enrolment process at VU University Amsterdam. The questionnaire helps you gain more insight into what type of student you are and if your chosen study programme will be suitable for you. The questionnaire is not an exam!
  • Take part in the matching activity
    Once you have filled in the VU Matching questionnaire, you will be invited to take part in a programme-related matching activity. Activities include sitting in on lectures, meeting fellow students, checking out the course materials and/or taking an exam. These activities will give you a realistic impression of the programme.

When are the matching activities scheduled?

Most study programmes schedule these activities shortly after the national final examinations at pre-university level (VWO) but before you get your results. Please ensure you are available during this time! The matching activities may also be scheduled at an earlier time. This will vary depending on the study programme. 

The dates for the 2016 matching activities have not yet been finalized.

Taster Days

If you are unable to attend the matching day, you can also opt for a Taster Day ("Proefstuderen" in Dutch). Participating in a Taster Day will exempt you from taking part in a matching activity.

Registration after 1 May

If you registered for a study programme after 1 May, the following faculty regulations apply:

Faculty regulations for applicants registering after 1 May (in Dutch) (pdf)