VU student to UvA

Information for VU students intending to enroll or who have either enrolled or re-enrolled in one of the following study programs:

  • Bachelor’s in Chemistry
  • Bachelor’s in Earth and Economics
  • Bachelor’s in Information, Multimedia and Management
  • Bachelor’s in Mathematics
  • Bachelor’s in Physics and Astronomy
  • Master's in Artificial Intelligence
  • Master’s in Bioinformatics
  • Master’s in Biology
  • Master’s in Chemistry
  • Master’s in Computer Science
  • Master’s in Ecology
  • Master’s in Information Sciences
  • Master’s in Mathematics
  • Master’s in Medical Natural Sciences
  • Master’s in Physics
  • Master’s in Stochastics & Financial Mathematics

Automatic enrolment at the UvA

When you have permission to enroll after September 1st in one of the study programs listed above, you need to enroll via For your enrollment you also need a Proof of Payment (in Dutch called ‘Bewijs Betaald Collegegeld’, BBC) obtained at the VU which you hand over to the UvA.

Until September 1st your enrollment in one of the study programs listed above automatically enrolls you in a study program at the UvA as indicated in the table below.

Please note: this only takes effect once you are fully enrolled!

Enrollment at VULeads to enrollment in the following study program at the UvA
B Earth and EconomicsB Future Planet Studies
B Information, Multimedia and ManagementB Information Studies
B Physics and AstronomyB Physics and Astronomy
B ChemistryB Chemistry
B MathematicsB Mathematics
M Artificial IntelligenceM Artificial Intelligence
M BioinformaticsM Life Sciences
M BiologyM Biological Sciences
M ChemistryM Chemistry
M Computer ScienceM Computational Science
M EcologyM Biological Sciences
M Information SciencesM Information Studies
M Medical Natural SciencesM Physics
M MathematicsM Mathematics
M PhysicsM Physics
M Stochastics & Financial MathematicsM Stochastics & Financial Mathematics

Why is this necessary?

The VU and UvA have decided on this form of cooperation so that students can derive the maximum benefit from the combined study programs of both institutions. As a result, both universities are able to offer their students a wide range of high-level courses.

What will my enrollment entail?

You will receive a log-in code from the UvA that lets you log in to Blackboard and grants you access to timetable pages and the UvA’s student registration system.

Furthermore, enrollment in a study program at the UvA grants you access to facilities at the UvA such as the library, sports facilities, restaurant, a UvA e-mail account, etc.

You may receive e-mails that are not intended for you. While we do our best to prevent this from occurring, we are unable to prevent it completely. We recommend that you use Blackboard to keep track of messages from your UvA lecturer in particular and to check other messages posted to Blackboard to determine their relevance to you as a student.

You may be enrolled at the UvA but not actually have any classes there during this academic year. This is because all students in the study program are automatically enrolled. If you do not have any courses at the UvA, you can disregard the general information provided by the UvA.

Registering for courses and examinations

Please note: automatic enrollment DOES NOT mean you are automatically registered to take courses and examinations.

You must register for VU courses and examinations via the VU’s student portal VUnet.

You are only automatically registered for core courses at the UvA in the first semester of the first year. For electives, you will need to complete a UvA form in Datanose (further information on this procedure will follow). After the first semester you will need to register for UvA courses yourself using SIS.

Inter-university marks exchange

The program administrations of VU and UvA send each other examination marks directly. No action is required on your part.


As soon as you deregister as a VU student, your enrollment in any study program at the UvA is also automatically terminated. No action is required on your part.