Natural Sciences & Mathematics

The Natural Sciences and Mathematics honours programme selection consists of the following options in all five degree programmes (Bachelor’s in Business Analytics; Bachelor’s in Pharmaceutical Sciences; Bachelor’s in Mathematics; Bachelor's in Medical Sciences; Bachelor’s in Science, Business and Innovation) for the honours programme consisting of 12 or 18 credits:

  • extension of the Bachelor’s assignment, exploring the subject in greater depth through intensive coaching from the lecturer responsible. This extension can take the form of a follow-up study (an extension of the Bachelor’s thesis), a separate thesis (honours thesis), a draft publication or a specific subject. The extension is worth 6 credits; 
  • Privatissimum worth 6 credits: study and develop a caput selectum within the degree programme (major), with direct feedback to the lecturer responsible. 

Subsequently, in Article 13.1 of the degree programme’s 2019-2020 Academic and Examination Regulations part B, the honours programme options have been published per degree programme.
After consulting your academic advisor, you can develop and plan the faculty components as published in part B of the Academic and Examination Regulations. It is necessary to have the complete selection of honours subjects approved by your faculty honours coordinator.

The faculty honours selection can also be completed with star variants of a number of mandatory courses for your Bachelor’s degree programme. The star variant courses have a study load of 3 EC on top of the regular load for the programme component. Within the star variant you could conduct a supervised literature survey into a specific subject that is part of the course. This literature survey is completed with a written report.