Study Associations

Study associations are, as the name implies, student associations formed by students from the same study programme or field of study with a focus on the study programme. It’s not to be confused with a fraternity or sorority, where students from different study programmes can come together and which mainly focus on fun.  Study associations organize all kinds of activities, open to everyone at the faculty. Furthermore, the study associations contribute a great deal in open days and the Introduction Days. The Faculty of Science has no fewer than ten study associations: Aik (deze komt niet terug in onderstaand lijstje? ACD wel),, Anguilla, GeoVUsie, Gyrinus natans, Mens, SABA, Salus, STORM, Subliem and VCSVU.

Anguilla (BSc Gezondheid en leven)

Gezondheid en leven is a study programme that has not been running very long, therefore Anguilla is a young association. The study Gezondheid and leven has officially started in Zwolle, where the study association Anguilla also has been founded on 23 March, 2006. Currently, it is only possible to enroll for Gezondheid en leven in Amsterdam, so also the association is fully active here. The aim of Anguilla is to provide our members a fun time during their student days in Amsterdam. Next to study related excursions, we also offer nights of drinks, parties and weekends. Every second Tuesday of the month there is a night of drinks. Also, you receive 10-15% discount when buying your study books with us.

Website Anguilla

GeoVUsie (BSc Aardwetenschappen, Milieuwetenschappen, Geo-archeologie, BSc Aarde en economie, MSc Earth Sciences, MSc Hydrology)

The name GeoVUsie (geoFUse) implies that the association has evolved from associations for geologists and physic geographers. The joint association has been installed in 1980; since then our association is joined by -graphers and –logists. Next to all the serious committees who think of the education, symposia, excursions and introduction for new students, GeoVUsie also organises the world renowned ‘Donderdorst’, our weekly night of drinks, on Thursday, where students and staff meet.
Website GeoVUsie

Gyrinus natans (BSc/MSc Biologie, BSc/MSc Biomedical Science, MSc Ecology, MSc Biomolecular Sciences, MSc MPA, MSc Global Health, MSc Neurosciences)

Gyrinus natans is the study association for the fields of biology and biomedical sciences. Since 1953, we have assembled a rich history. Every Wednesday and Friday our room the ‘Tegenstelling’ is open, our room for drinks and fun. You can meet both students and staff will be found on our nights of drinks. Furthermore, Gyrinus natans is proud of her parties and the music festival they organise. Next to these fun activities, we also organise some serious ones, such as the career day, symposium and excursions.

Website Gyrinus natans

S.V. Mens (Bsc Medische natuurwetenschappen, MSc Biomedical Technology and Physics)

Study association Mens is a young and flourishing association for students of Medische natuurwetenschappen and the related master degrees, such as Biomedical Technology and Physics. S.V. Mens makes an effort for her students, in all sorts of manners. Firstly, First of all, S.V. Mens is the representative of her students to the faculty and related authorities, and she organises the sales of study books. S.V. Mens organises study related activities, such as symposia, excursions and company visits. 

Furthermore, Mens is there for fun. In our room, open from 8.30-17.30h, students come together and relax. This room is also used for nights of drinks, lunches and other gatherings. Throughout the year, various fun activities are organised. The first event is the introduction weekend for first year students, which takes place at the start of the academic year. When the year has been opened, we are organising drinks, parties, weekends and the final BBQ. Mens is a small association, but with 50 active members, a very informal and fun one.

Website S.V. Mens

SABA (BSc/MSc Business Analytics)

Study Association Business Analytics, SABA, is an upcoming study associating since the summer of 2017. SABA was created by five Business Analytics students of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The study Business Analytics was previously known as Business Mathematics & Informatics. The reason that these students started this initiative, is that there is a big demand on the labour market for students with a BA-background. SABA finds that the companies which are looking for employees and graduates with this profile, need to get more acquainted with Business Analytics at VU. 

SABA wants to create the bridge between the students and the business life. Next to that, SABA finds it important to create more binding between the students to give them a fun and exciting student life, with beneficial connections as a result. With several events such as Welcome To Your Future, inhouse days and business brunches, SABA connects students with potential future employers. The most important goal of these events is to broaden a student’s network to get them more acquainted with all their possibilities.

Website SABA

Salus (Bsc Gezondheidswetenschappen, MSc Health Sciences, premaster Health Sciences)

The Salus study association has been installed in December 2006, after students felt they missed their very own study association for the field of health sciences. Inspiration for the name came from the Roman mythology inspired them because Salus is a Roman goddess, with the full name ‘Salus Publica Populi Romani’, or the Goddess of the public health of the Roman people. Salus’s ambition is to be a fully-fledged study association for the students in the field Health Sciences at the VU. This means, Salus will be there for students to offer study related activities and also social activities. Salus will help and support you to make your ambitions come true!

Website Salus

Storm (Bsc/Msc Mathematics, MSc Stochastics and Financial Mathematics, BSc/MSc Artificial Intelligence, BSc/MSc Computer Science, BSc/MSc Information Sciences, MSc Parallel Distributed Computer Systems, MSc Bioinformatics and Systems Biology)

STORM is the study association of the departments Mathematics and Informatics from the Faculty of Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. STORM stands for STudent ORganisation Mathematicians, but is an association which has long been for more than just mathematics students.

Website storm

Subliem (Bsc/MSc Science, Business and Innovation)

Subliem has been founded in 2007 and has grown a lot since then. They organize various activities for their members, both in the recreational and educational field. Think of For example, the yearly dance, paintball, Christmas dinner, parties, wintersports, drinks… Enough possibilities to relax. Also the study related activities are appreciated by their members. Subliem organizes symposia, masterclasses and seminars about various topics. For her third year student members, Subliem organizes a yearly study trip. Last but not least, every year there’s the Innovation Career Day, which ameliorates the interaction between students and companies. All these activities are without obligations, but you are definitely welcome to join!

Website Subliem

VCSVU (BSc Farmaceutische wetenschappen, MSc Drug Discovery and Safety)

The VCSVU (association for students in Chemistry at the Vrije Universiteit) has been founded on October 1st, 1964. We aim to make your study as pleasant as possible. Furthermore, every period we organize a books sales, in which our members enjoy a discount on the price of the study books. Next to it Besides this, we provide you through our website with summaries and old exams to make sure you are best prepared for your exams. On top of all the study related support, we organize various activities for both members and non-members: lunch lectures, excursions, trips, and drinks twice a month.

Website VCSVU

Amsterdams Chemisch Dispuut (BSc/MSc Scheikunde)

The Amsterdam Chemistry Dispute (ACD) is the study association for all Chemistry students in Amsterdam, both at VU and UvA. When the bachelor Chemistry became a joint-degree, the ACD included all Chemistry students. The first few years that was mostly at the Amsterdam Science Park, since 2018 we are fully active at both universities. The ACD represents the students to both universities, and outside! Almost every month, we organize a study related lecture or excursion. with as climax And as the highlight of this we offer a study trip abroad! The social study life is highly stimulated through our weekly drinks and social activities.