Local initiatives for a green future




Renewable energy communities: A comprehensive study of local energy initiatives in the Netherlands and Germany

G.K. Dóci

prof.dr. A.C. Petersen, copromotor: dr. E. Vasileiadou †

Faculty of Science

Earth and Life Sciences

PhD conferral

The research of Gabriella Dóci is based on a comparative case study analysis to investigate and understand local energy collectives: how they can use and adopt technological innovations. At the individual level the research identified the main motivations for investing in renewables and for doing it together with others. At the group level my work focused on strategies applied by communities in order to realize joint investments. At the system level, it analyzed supporting and hindering policies and their influence on the set up and operation of renewable energy communities. Finally, the role of local energy collectives as social niches was investigated in the sustainability transition.

More information about the thesis in PURE