The opening of the academic year




The opening of the academic year on 3 September 2018: Creating Bright Communities

Hugo de Jonge, Mirjam van Praag and Tanja Jadnanansing

VU Amsterdam


Reception / drinks

Livestream start academic year.

Join us as we celebrate the start of the new academic year! Help us think about how we can create Bright Communities. This should not be too difficult, as we are living in a Connected World now, in which worldwide networks increasingly determine our economy, our culture, our relationships and our immediate surroundings. But how, we must ask, have loneliness and fake news become such major topics in a world such as this? During the Creating Bright Communities programme, we will discuss how we can coexist in harmony and build a prosperous future together.

Hugo de Jonge, the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport, will speak on the challenges that face students, government and the university in the Connected World. Mirjam van Praag, the President of the Executive Board, will focus on the role of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in a Connected World in her inaugural speech. Tanja Jadnanansing, VU alumnus and politician, will host a talk show with students and scientists in which she will challenge you to think about both the opportunities and the potential drawbacks of Bright Communities. The Amsterdam band KOFFIE, known for their virtuoso improvisations and afrobeat grooves, is going to shake things up. A reception will follow the ceremony.

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