Environment and Health Symposium: Waste a matter of taste



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Wate a matter of taste

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A growing world population with intensive economies, global markets and increasing transport is creating enormous piles of waste. Up to 2015, over 6 billion tons of plastic waste were produced by humans, which is equivalent to 60 million blue whales. While wastewater treatment plants and incinerators exist as waste management strategies, materials and chemicals that do not degrade easily are still being produced. How do we deal with all that waste? Can we recycle waste to safe consumer products in circular economies? What kind of chemicals end up in the waste or recycled products? What are the effects of chemicals in waste on our environmental resources and our health?

Following two earlier successful symposia, the VU department of Environment & Health is organizing a symposium on 3 December 2019 under the title Waste – a Matter of Taste to discuss these issues with scientists, authorities and industry representatives. The full-day program is designed to pose thought-provoking questions, and will provide ample opportunity for discussion and networking with scientists, health professionals and other stakeholders. More information will be announced later. Please save the date!

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