Two NWO Veni grants for Deep Earth and Planetary Science cluster

Micha Ruhl and Jessica Flahaut have been awarded a Veni grant by NWO.

07/24/2012 | 10:22 AM

Two researchers from the Deep Earth and Planetary Science cluster in Earth Science haven been awarded a Veni grant by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO).

Micha Ruhl, currently Post-Doc at the Nordic Centre for Earth Evolution (University of Copenhagen): 'Quantification of environmental response to large-scale greenhouse gas release: An integrated organic-inorganic geochemical approach to quantify rate and magnitude of carbon release driven environmental change during past global mass extinctions'.

This project is joint with Utrecht and will study the environmental response to large-scale magmatism that produced massive greenhouse-gas release causing global ecosystem collapse and marine biodiversity loss. The project will quantify regional sea surface temperature changes and global ocean redox changes and the geographical extent of marine anoxia at times of magmatism by using cutting edge biogeochemical and heavy stable isotope methodologies.

Jessica Flahaut, currently a post doc at Université Paris Sud (Orsay, France): 'Constraining the habitability of Mars through multi-component analysis of its sulfate-rich deposits.'

This project will combine new high-resolution remote sensing data on Martian sulfate distribution with in situ, and laboratory studies of two terrestrial Mars analogue sites to study habitability conditions on Mars at a time of fundamental planetary-scale climate change.