Jacqueline van Muijlwijk appointed as professor Innovations in Human Health & Life Sciences

As of 1 September 2017, Jacqueline E. van Muijlwijk-Koezen has been appointed professor of Innovations in Human Health & Life Sciences, a chair that is embedded in the department of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences. This new Chair has a designated teaching profile and aims to apply the theory of science education within the context of human health and life sciences. The chair is part of a VU-wide program to reinforce quality of education by stimulating career tracks that combine research with a strong educational profile.

07/06/2017 | 1:47 PM

Van Muijlwijk-Koezen‘s research focuses on innovations and didactics in science education, with a special emphasis on pharmaceutical sciences and drug discovery research as embedded within the Amsterdam Institute for Molecules, Medicines and Systems (AIMMS). In order to find optimal learning methods, Jacqueline van Muijlwijk will continue her research on new teaching concepts and innovative learning approaches. The studies do not only lead to new insights and stimulate discussions but can also be implemented in the various study programmes of the faculty. For example, the study programme Pharmaceutical Sciences already implemented several educational innovations and students benefit from the integration of theory and practice. By focusing on the highly innovative field of drug discovery, with many fascinating aspects and as many unanswered questions, prof. Muijlwijk-Koezen is able to stimulate the enthusiasm and curiosity of science students


Jacqueline E. van Muijlwijk-Koezen 
Jacqueline van Muijlwijk obtained a PhD in medicinal chemistry at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam) and has been working as a teacher at high school and as a lecturer at the HU University of Applied Sciences in science teacher training thereafter. She returned to the Vu Amsterdam in 2003. As a member of the division of medicinal chemistry she was, among other things, involved in introducing new ICT tools in education. She participated in the team that developed the ITS Academy (an initiative of VU Amsterdam, UvA, InHolland and HvA to foster connections with secondary schools), and she has been managing director of AIMMS. At the moment, she is programme director of the bachelor’s programme Pharmaceutical Sciences and master’s programme Drug Discovery & Safety and member of the department’s Management Team with portfolio education. She plays a key role in the educational programme of several international Marie Curie Innovative training networks (ITN) in the field of drug research and has collaborations with colleagues from Learn!Academy. She teaches in bachelor’s and master’s programmes and supervises PhD students in drug design and synthesis, Science, Business & Innovation and PhD students and postdocs in educational research.

Image: Jacqueline van Muijlwijk-Koezen, together with Maikel Wijtmans and Albert Kooistra (Medicinal Chemistry) recently received the FEW Education Innovation Prize 2017 for their project ‘Biomolecules in virtual reality on the smartphone’. Students explore the three-dimensional structure of complex molecules that are being studied in the research group to better understand drug – receptor interactions.