Large H2020 grant for implementation of FIT4FOOD2030 project

The Athena Institute as coordinator, together with 14 other consortium partners across Europe, got an H2020 grant of 4 million euro for the FIT4FOOD2030 project.

07/06/2017 | 10:54 AM

The FIT4FOOD2030 project is part of the new European research and innovation policy framework for food and nutrition security (FOOD 2030). With the project the international consortium wants to contribute to the transformation of the research in the field of food and nutrition security in the direction of adopting a food system’s perspective. This means integrating the entire 'value chain' - from inputs, to primary production (agriculture, aquaculture & fisheries), harvesting, storage, processing, packaging, distribution, waste streams, to consumer intake – and back, as well as integrating the food system with other systems, e.g. forestry, energy, climate. In addition research should adopt ‘Responsible Research and Innovation’ and ‘Open Science’ approaches.

To foster this transformation of the research system, an ‘EU Think Tank’ will be formed to act as a linking pin between the EC and member states. Next, ‘Policy Labs’ are set up to mobilize already engaged stakeholders and attract stakeholders not yet strongly linked to the FOOD 2030 dialogues, such as Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), consumers (users) and citizens to develop new Research & Innovation (R&I) policies. In so-called City Labs Science Centers and Museums, and Science Shops will train students and professionals, while at the same time bringing a wide diversity of actors together at city level.

These three cooperation models, EU Think Tank, Policy Labs and City Labs help to acquire insights into food system trends and related R&I policy frameworks, best practices and future Research & Innovation breakthroughs. With this knowledge the research team also wants to develop a plan for continued communication beyond the project, thereby maximising the outreach and impact of FIT4FOOD2030’s outputs and policy recommendations.