NWO-subsidy for Sanne Abeln for research on the role of entropy in misfolding proteins

The NWO domain 'Sciences' has reserved 2 million Euros for research projects in fundamental Physics. One of the five awarded research projects has been proposed by Sanne Abeln of the Science faculty at the VU.

09/21/2017 | 7:53 AM

Delineating entropic contributions in beta-strand formation
In a healthy cell, proteins fold into compact structures with regions containing regular alpha helical and beta-strand configurations. In diseases such as Alzheimer’s, proteins misfold and bind to each other using this same beta-stranded structure. The underlying physics, particularly the configurational entropy that explains how favourable this beta-strand state is, is not properly understood. In this project we will tackle this problem by incorporating information extracted from unfolding experiments and from structural big data in large-scale computer simulations.

About NWO Physics
The Physics "Projectruimte" is an NWO subsidy that finances fundamental research in physics.

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