Hydrology again Top programme in the Masters selection guide 2019

The master’s programme Hydrology is one of the six VU master's programmes that deserve the designation 'Top programme'. This is evident from the assessments of students and educational experts in the Masters 2019 selection guide.

03/05/2019 | 8:30 AM

The masters in Business Law, Epidemiology, Cardiovascular Research and Hydrology score the highest. This is the first time the Cardiovascular Research master's programme has joined the established top programmes of the VU.

The VU programmes that deserve the designation 'Top programme' are:

- Business Law (90)
- Epidemiology (81)
- Cardiovascular Research (80)
- Hydrology (80)
- Econometrics & Operations (75)
- Tax law (75)

The programmes in the 'hydrology and climate' category do well nationally. The VU is the best, with 80 out of 100 points. According to the students, the programmes are interesting and well studyable. This may be due to the good guidance of the teachers.

About the Masters selection guide
The Masters selection guide 2019 is published by the Centre for Higher Education Information (C.H.O.I.) to help students choose a master's programme. Programmes are compared based on student assessments from the National Student Survey and expert assessments. It also includes data on the size, language and structure of the programme and the costs. Of the nine 'broad universities', the VU is in sixth place.

Master’s Day
On Saturday, March 9th, the VU Master’s Day will take place. On this day, you are introduced to our master programmes and the VU campus. In addition to the information rounds, the information market offers room to get to know students and lecturers. For the complete programme, please visit www.vu.nl/mastersday