Mareanne Karssen new Director of Education at Faculty of Science

Mareanne Karssen has been appointed as the new Director of Education of the faculty. She currently works at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam as Programme Manager for Education.

08/01/2019 | 10:13 AM

Mareanne is a familiar figure at the Faculty of Science and has already been involved in various projects, including preparing the launch of the Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering at VU Amsterdam, and she is the project leader for education portfolio analysis. On 1 December she will officially be taking up her new job. Around this time she will complete her current activities, continue her work on the portfolio analysis and will already be getting to know more people at the faculty.

Faculty Dean Guus Schreiber is delighted with this appointment: “Mareanne combines a strategic vision of education with broad experience in managing educational processes. The Faculty Board is honoured that she has chosen our faculty as her next career challenge.”

Here’s what Mareanne Karssen herself says about her new job: “Every time I visit the Faculty of Sciences I’m impressed by the enthusiasm of the staff for both the teaching and the subjects. In recent years I have enjoyed my free-ranging role at university level, but I have also realized that I miss having more direct colleagues and also more direct contacts with lecturers and students. So I’m looking forward to my position as Director of Education at the Faculty of Science.”