Esther van den Hengel new managing director Faculty Of Science

The Executive Board is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. Esther van den Hengel as Managing Director of the Faculty of Science, starting 1 May 2020.

03/26/2020 | 11:39 AM

After obtaining her degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Twente, Esther van den Hengel went on to complete her PhD in 2004 with a thesis entitled “Multi-level modelling of a gas-liquid two phase flow in a bubble column”. She continued her career in research at TNO, where she soon switched to project management and team leader positions. During her career at TNO, Esther earned her management stripes in various director roles. In her current position as Director of Operations she is responsible for the strategy, financing, personnel and facility processes of the Circular Economy & Environment Unit, consisting of two departments.

Esther van den Hengel: “I’m extremely excited to take on this new challenge at the Faculty of Science of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. I have a strong affinity with research in the domain of Science. The VU and the faculty also greatly appeal to me because of the open character and the amicable working environment which already became apparent to me in the meetings I had. I am looking forward to becoming better acquainted with my new colleagues.“

Science dean Guus Schreiber: “I’m extremely happy with the appointment of Esther van den Hengel. She has a science background paired with ample managerial and operational experience, and therefore an ideal candidate for this pivotal position in our complex and ambitious faculty. Also, she has a personality and a style of communication that fits well with the collegial and direct way in which we interact with each other within the faculty.”

The VU Executive Board and the faculty are convinced that with Esther van den Hengel the VU will get a director in her midst who combines an ability to achieve goals and a hands-on approach with vision and excellent analytical skills.

The recruitment and selection of Esther van den Hengel was carried out in accordance with the applicable appointment, which includes involvement of the participatory bodies.