Career track position for Trevor A. Hamlin in the Division of Theoretical Chemistry

Dr. Trevor A. Hamlin has been appointed as a career track researcher at the division of Theoretical Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences. His research group will leverage artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art computational methods to provide unparalleled physical insight into the reactivity of organic, inorganic, and biochemical reactions. The overarching goal of the Hamlin group is to realize the concept of “theory-driven experimentation”, whereby synthetic experiments are ultimately guided by quantum mechanical calculations.

07/03/2020 | 5:44 PM

The main research interests of Dr. Hamlin are located at the node between theoretical chemistry, organic chemistry, and computer science. He is a trained synthetic chemist, who aims to elucidate chemical reaction mechanisms using the Activation Strain Model (ASM) of chemical reactivity and Energy Decomposition Analysis (EDA) in the framework of density functional theory (DFT). He then leverages these quantum chemical insights to formulate elegantly simple models that can be used to not only understand, but also rationally design more efficient and tailored chemical processes.

During Dr. Hamlin’s career track at the VU (funded through the Dutch national “Sectorplan” scheme for Chemistry, Computer science, Mathematics, and Physics), he will develop sophisticated AI-based techniques to identify the driving forces that control the reactivity (regio-, enantio-, diastereoselectivity) of chemical reactions. Through both national and international collaborations with experimental chemists, Dr. Hamlin aims to drive the rational design of novel chemical methodologies based on quantum chemically derived insights. His research line will streamline the otherwise ‘trial and error’ approach used for the design of new reactions and will ultimately reduce chemical waste and save time and money.

Dr. Hamlin studied Biochemistry at Albright College (Reading, PA, USA) where he obtained his B.S. in 2010 (cum laude) with an ACS certification and carried out undergraduate research under the tutelage of Dr. Christian S. Hamann. In 2015, he earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry at The University of Connecticut (Storrs, CT, USA) under the supervision of Dr. Nicholas E. Leadbeater, where he employed a joint experimental/theoretical approach toward the development of new oxidation protocols involving green and recyclable oxoammonium salts. Dr. Hamlin joined the division of Theoretical Chemistry at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in 2015 for his postdoctoral training in the group of Prof. Dr. F. Matthias Bickelhaupt.

Dr. Hamlin has received a number of awards for outstanding teaching and supervision of students including the Eileen Walker Memorial Award, Benjamin H. Handorf Chemistry Prize, and Chemistry Alumni Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award. He was recently elected to Pi Kappa Phi’s Thirty under 30, the Holland Research School of Molecular Chemistry (HRSMC), and the Royal Netherlands Chemical Society (KNCV).

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