Three science Master’s programmes rise above in Keuzegids Masters 2021

Several Master's degree programmes at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam are above the national average, including three programmes at the Faculty of Science. This is the result of student evaluations scores for the 2021 Keuzegids student guide to Master’s programmes.

04/08/2021 | 1:30 PM

At the Faculty of Science, the Master’s programmes in Hydrology, Earth Sciences and Physics and Astronomy are riding high compared to the evaluations given to similar programmes elsewhere.

As in previous years, the Master’s in Hydrology was especially highly rated. Students are particularly enthusiastic about the teaching staff and the supervision they receive, the programme itself, assessment, and the feasibility of the workload. This Master’s also scores above average for academic training and the extent to which the education it provides is challenging and practice-oriented. Master’s students of Earth Sciences also rated their programme highly. They were particularly enthusiastic about its teaching staff, supervision and academic training. The Master’s in Physics and Astronomy is a joint-degree programme run by VU Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam. It too scores above average for teaching staff and supervision, programme, academic training, assessment and feasibility of workload.

No top ratings
As was the case last year, no programme has been awarded a top rating by the new Keuzegids Masters. Instead, the programmes are evaluated as below average, average and above average compared to comparable programmes at other universities.

Published annually, the Keuzegids is based partly on the results of the National Student Survey. However, in 2020 the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis prevented the survey from taking place. The Keuzegids has therefore drawn on the results and evaluations of the 2019 Survey.