Computer Science students in top 10 at NXP EMEA Autonomous Driving Cup

Recently, five bachelor Computer Science student teams participated in the NXP autonomous driving competition. The task was to design and program a miniature car that autonomously performs tasks, such as obstacle avoidance and speed racing on an unknown track.

06/01/2021 | 4:14 PM

We are happy to announce that two teams, Non Sequitur (Jop Zitman, Tiberiu Iancu and Cristian Iozu) and Clown Fiesta (Hugo van Wezenbeek and Thomas Nieuwenhuis) reached the top ten, ending up on place eight and six respectively. A third team, GVB West (Stijn Sluis, Tijmen Verhoef and Stijn Winter) ended up on the twelfth place. Although it might sound trivial, this is a really remarkable achievement, considering  that there were 100 teams participating from all over Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and that in the previous participation our teams could not even stay on the tracks until the end of race. 

All students were enrolled in the minor course Project Autonomous Driving and were among the most enthusiastic students in the first year Bachelor's course called Pervasive Computing. Both courses are coordinated by Natalia Silvis-Cividjian, lecturer in the CS department. Because of the Covid-19 situation, instead of Paris and Munich, all events were locally organized at the universities. The local event at the VU took place on 15 April and worked flawlessly, thanks to the Beta Electrical and Mechanical Engineering groups, Beta partners and Beta/VU Campus Service Teams. 

We are very proud of all our VU teams and we are looking forward to welcome new and veteran participants next year. More information on the NXP car competition and the final results can be found here.

Autonomous Driving Cup