Mátyás Bittenbinder: one of the 30 talents under 30

Proudly listed on EWMagazine’s ‘30 under 30’ this year is biologist Mátyás Bittenbinder. According to the news magazine, these are the thirty young and talented individuals to watch. The thirty millennials on the list are all stars in their fields: from sports to politics, to the business community and science.

04/29/2021 | 12:00 PM

The paper edition of EWMagazine was published today, showcasing the thirty talented millennials including Mátýas Bittenbinder. The young biologist conducts research at both Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Naturalis into the effects of snake venom, guided by endowed professor Freek Vonk and analytical chemist Jeroen Kool. 

In addition to his PhD research, Bittenbinder is working to further his career as a tv biologist and has already appeared on various shows. He is also working on a children’s book about venom, scheduled for publication next year. He hopes to inspire children to become lovers of nature like him and to perhaps even consider studying biology. 

Bittenbinder is pleasantly surprised to be nominated: “I am incredibly honoured to be listed among these extraordinary people! It feels a little surreal! Isn’t it amazing that I was given this opportunity simply by sharing my passion with the outside world? I hope to keep doing what I’m doing for a very long time!”