Jan Wijbrans appointed professor of Argon Chronometry


Jan Wijbrans, Geochronologist, is appointed as professor of Argon Chronometry at the Faculty of Science, Division of Earth Sciences. It is a full-time appointment as of 1 January 2019.

Nutritional supplements cannot prevent depression


Daily intake of nutritional supplements cannot prevent depression. This is a key finding of the five-year MooDFOOD project, which investigated the relationship between nutrition and depression. This European Commission funded project, led by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, is now coming to an end.

Hydrology again Top programme in the Masters selection guide 2019


The master’s programme Hydrology is one of the six VU master's programmes that deserve the designation 'Top programme'. This is evident from the assessments of students and educational experts in the Masters 2019 selection guide.

Vici grant for AMOLF Professor Gijsje Koenderink


AMOLF group leader Gijsje Koenderink receives an NWO Vici grant of 1,5 million euros for her research on how cytoskeletal teamwork makes cells strong.

New project on sex differences in protein needs in old age


The project’s aim is to study associations between protein intake, muscle mass and physical functioning which might lead to new guidelines for dietary protein intake for both male and female in old age.

Brain cells involved in insomnia identified


An international team of researchers has identified, for the first time, the cell types, areas and biological processes in the brain that mediate the genetic risk of insomnia. This was made possible by assessing DNA and sleep features in no less than 1.3 million people. The findings are a major step towards getting grip on the biological mechanisms that cause insomnia.

Toby Kiers receives Ammodo Science Award 2019


Toby Kiers, Professor of Evolutionary Biology at the Faculty of Science of the VU, is one of the winners of the Ammodo Science Award 2019.

NRF-Nuffic Doctoral Fellowship for Theoretical Chemist Bryan P. Moloto


Bryan P Moloto has been awarded an NRF-Nuffic split-site doctoral fellowship for a joint research project between the groups of Professor Matthias Bickelhaupt of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Professor Catharine Esterhuysen on Stellenbosch University.

Applying simple models for understanding complex systems


VU physicists Antonio Costa, Greg Stephens and colleague Tosif Ahamed from the University of Okinawa, Japan, investigated how simple models can be used as building blocks to understand the dynamics of complex systems, from brain to behaviour.

Philip Ward appointed Full Professor of Global Water Risk Dynamics


Philip Ward, researcher at the Institute for Environmental Studies-VU (IVM-VU), has been appointed Full Professor of Global Water Risk Dynamics at the Faculty of Science of VU Amsterdam.

European grants for test method development to identify endocrine disruptors


The department Environment & Health of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam receives over 3 million euros from the European Research and Innovation programme Horizon 2020 for three research projects dedicated to develop highly needed test methods for the identification of endocrine disruptors.

Novel genetic risk factors discovered for Alzheimer’s disease


A large-scale international study discovered novel genetic risk loci for Alzheimer’s disease. Combining genetic data on a large-scale and in a non-conventional manner resulted in the discovery of multiple novel genetic factors and biological mechanisms that contribute to the pathogenesis of the disease.

ERC Proof of Concept grant voor Tom Grossmann


Tom Grossmann, Professor on Biomimetic Synthesis for Molecular Complexity, receives an ERC Proof of Concept grant for his innovative research on a new technology to stabilize enzymes.

Research highlights relevance of neurotoxic effects on species


Up to now neurotoxicity is only considered relevant within human toxicology studies. Little effort is made to assess the impact of neurotoxic substances on the environment although it is clear that the impacts are just as dramatic.

Global hotspot of highly cited researchers at Science VU


The Faculty of Science has an unique achievement to celebrate: seven researchers affiliated with departments in ‘Triple E’ (EEE: Earth, Environment and Ecology) are on the 2018 global list of Highly Cited Researchers.