Theoretical chemists uncover dual-activation mechanism for aromatic Diels-Alder Reactions


Making using of state-of-the-art quantum chemical calculations, a team of researchers led by Trevor A. Hamlin, Koop Lammertsma, and Matthias Bickelhaupt of the Department of Theoretical Chemistry at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, have pinpointed the operative mechanisms behind the ultra-fast aromatic Diels-Alder cycloaddition in heteroatom-substituted bent benzene rings, compared to planar benzene.

How do changes in the savannah affect the carbon cycle?


An international research team led by VU Professor of System Ecology Hans Cornelissen receives 330,000 euros from NWO-ENW for climate research on African savannahs.

Opening of the Academic year: We are in charge


The opening of the academic year 2 September 2019

NWO-Demonstrator Grant for Methane Leak Detection


Imran Avci and professor of Experimental Physics Davide Iannuzzi have been awarded an NWO-Demonstrator Grant.

Drones observe rapid erosion of permafrost coastline in the Arctic


An international team of researchers from the University of Edinburgh, University of Exeter, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Alfred Wegener Institute and GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences, flew drones for high-resolution surveys to observe erosion on Qikiqtaruk, (Inuvialuktun for Herschel Island), Canada.

Marie Curie ITN on the future of Water Governance


The European Union has awarded a prestigious grant of four million Euros for a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN) to the NEWAVE ‘Next Water Governance’ proposal lead by Dr. Jampel Dell’Angelo and Prof. dr. Dave Huitema.

Trade tactics of plant-fungal networks made visible


By tracking florescent nanoparticles across plant-fungal networks, researchers discover that fungi cope with extreme resource inequality by transporting nutrients to areas where plant partners are willing to pay more. The researchers from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam reveal this in a publication in the journal Current Biology.

Brain researchers worldwide assemble knowledge of synapses online


SYNGO, a collaboration of 15 expert labs worldwide and the Gene Ontology (GO) Consortium, released a public knowledge base, which aims to represent the current scientific knowledge about synapses in structured frameworks, called ontologies. The release of SYNGO 1.0 is supported by the first scientific publication in the leading journal Neuron.

Theoretical Chemist Baerends receives Honorary Doctorate University of Girona


Evert Jan Baerends, Emeritus Professor of the Theoretical Chemistry group at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, has received an honorary doctorate of the University of Girona, on 9 May 2019.

Dutch Royal Couple visits Marine Science Workshop: Start New Collaboration for VU


King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima advocated for scientific research into the risks of plastic pollution and climate change by attending the North Sea Meets Baltic Sea Science Workshop held in Warnemünde (Rostock), Germany on 20 May 2019 in the presence of the international press.

4 Million euros for ITN research project ONCORNET2.0


The EU has granted 4 million euros to Martine Smit and Jacqueline van Muijlwijk (Medicinal Chemistry/AIMMS) and colleagues from academia and SMEs from the Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, UK and Switzerland.

Earth’s mantle clearly in the picture


Research provides new insights into the processes that take place in the Earth. It explains the chemical composition of surface rocks that we see today and provides a tantalizing picture of the complexity of Earth’s interior.

Pieter van Beukering appointed professor environmental economics


Pieter van Beukering was appointed professor environmental economics on 1 May with the assignment "Economics of Natural Capital". The chair is embedded in the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM) of the Faculty of Science.

Insomniacs unable to get emotional distress off their mind


Cringe-worthy mistakes and embarrassing blunders made today won’t seem so bad tomorrow. That is, unless you’re an insomniac, research at the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience shows.

Organic farming promotes sustainability


A team of international experts, including IVM researcher Verena Seufert from the VU, explains that organic farming is an important part of the solution for changing the current agricultural and food system.