Research highlights relevance of neurotoxic effects on species


Up to now neurotoxicity is only considered relevant within human toxicology studies. Little effort is made to assess the impact of neurotoxic substances on the environment although it is clear that the impacts are just as dramatic.

Sex and the city frog


Wouter Halfwerk and colleagues investigate how city life has altered the signalling behaviour of male túngara frogs.

Research to boost job prospects of autistic graduates


Successful university graduates with autism often find it difficult to access graduate employment. To bridge the employment gap, the Athena Institute of the Vrije Universiteit participates in the project Improving employability of autistic graduates in Europe (IMAGE), which hopes to find effective solutions for this problem.

First students international Ecology programme VU graduated


s part of its Ecology master programme, the VU offers the International Master of Biodiversity Ecology and Evolution (IMABEE). The first students now receive their diploma after having spent a full exchange year in Amsterdam.

VU and Micropia strengthen collaboration


ARTIS director Rembrandt Sutorius and Professor Holger Lill, head of the department of Molecular Cell Biology at Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, signed a declaration of intent on Tuesday 6 November to expand their partnership. The more intensive collaboration offers new possibilities for research and supports the introduction of the public with microbiology.

Koen Hindriks new professor on Artificial Intelligence


The Executive Board of the VU has appointed Koen Hindriks as Professor on ‘Artificial Intelligence’ at the Computer Science department, as of 1 October 2018.

Global hotspot of highly cited researchers at Science VU


The Faculty of Science has an unique achievement to celebrate: seven researchers affiliated with departments in ‘Triple E’ (EEE: Earth, Environment and Ecology) are on the 2018 global list of Highly Cited Researchers.

NWO Physics Valorisation Prize 2018 goes to Davide Iannuzzi


The tenth NWO Physics Valorisation Prize, worth 250,000 euros, will go to Davide Iannuzzi, professor of Experimental Physics at VU.

Philip Ward wins the EGU Plinius Medal prize


This medal was established by the Natural Hazards Division to recognise interdisciplinary research in natural hazards by active scientists.

Taller plant species are taking over in the Arctic


Until now, the tundra was mainly the domain of low-growing plants, but larger plant species, especially shrubs, are slowly taking over this cold environment as a result of a rise in temperature. It also seems that taller tundra plants could accelerate climate change.

RETHINK encourages transformation of the science communication system


The quality of the conversation about science - traditionally the task of journalists and universities - is increasingly difficult to monitor due to digitization and democratization.

Nice sunny days grow into heat waves, rain into floods: summer weather stalling


An international team of scientists, among who is VU climate researcher Dim Coumou, made an overview of recent studies into stagnant and therefore extreme summer weather.



The Executive Board of the VU appointed Aura Timen as endowed professor to the chair of ‘Responses to communicable diseases in global health’, starting 1 June 2018.

New technology to stabilize enzymes


VU researchers Marta Pelay-Gimeno, Sven Hennig and Professor Tom Grossmann (AIMMS) publish their new method to stabilize enzymes to increase their tolerance towards thermal and chemical stress in the scientific journal Angewandte Chemie.

AIMMS researchers contribute to new insights into how antibiotics kill bacteria


An international consortium including AIMMS researchers Holger Lill and Dirk Bald investigated how a newly approved anti-tuberculosis drug can kill tuberculosis bacteria.