Every year, over 300 PhD's complete their research at VU Amsterdam, thereby making an important contribution to academic research. 

PhD at VU Amsterdam

If you have a recognised Master's degree, VU Amsterdam offers the possibility of earning a doctorate or the Anglo-Saxon PhD degree.

PhD Courses

To help PhD candidates develop academic skills and be better prepared for an academic or industrial career, we offer a variety of courses.

PhD Regulations

The Doctorate Regulations involve admission to the PhD programme and the responsibilities and authorities of those involved in the programme.

Graduate Schools

National graduate schools bring together the country’s best expertise and infrastructure with the aim of optimizing the quality of research.

PhD interests

Specific interests of PhD candidates are represented by the PhD Council. Also, it organizes formal and informal events for PhD's throughout the year.

Post PhD

The PhD programmes at Vrije Universiteit are an excellent stepping stone for careers both inside and outside of the academic world.

Hora Finita

Hora Finita is the registration system for PhD students of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. On this page you will find manuals, frequently asked questions and Faculty, Graduate School or Research Institute contacts for any questions about Hora Finita.