PhD Council Faculty of Science

The interests of PhD’s are represented at several levels. At VU level there is ProVU and at national level there is PPN. At faculty level a PhD council is founded momentarily. You can find the PhD Council regulations here.


The PhD committee ProVU represents the interests of PhD candidates at the level of VU Amsterdam. It organizes social events, lectures and workshops, and also provides information about PhD related issues in general. ProVU has seven delegates in the VU works council (Ondernemingsraad) representing the interests of PhD's at VU level.


The PhD network PNN (Promovendi Netwerk Nederland) represents the interests of PhD candidates at the national level. It offers general information about following a PhD trajectory in the Netherlands. PNN has set up a “Professional PhD Program” which promotes the exchange between PhD candidates and  governmental and knowledge institutions, companies and non-governmental organizations.