PhD Regulations


PhD programmes at VU Amsterdam typically take three to four years, depending on the scientific discipline and the type of appointment and funding in question. 

Our Doctorate Regulations (English version or Dutch version) and admission procedure apply to all PhD candidates regardless of their type of appointment. The Doctorate Regulations of VU Amsterdam cover issues such as admission to the PhD programme and the responsibilities and authorities of those involved in the programme. 

PhD Education Guidelines

For every PhD candidate it is important to deepen the knowledge and skills, enabling them to become fully qualified scientists with an excellent perspective for a career of their choice. The educational program for PhD candidates of the faculties of Sciences (FEW) and Earth and Life Sciences (FALW) provides for a variety of activities enhancing the academic, professional and general skills of PhD candidates. 

During the PhD period each PhD candidate is required to obtain 30 EC's. The details of this can be found in the PhD Education Guidelines (opens as new document).