Neurosciences in Dialogue

Neurosciences in DialoguePhoto by MR McGill - CC BY-NC 2.0

Project Description
Neuroimaging reveals information on brain structure and function in non-invasive ways. Technological progress has allowed neuroimaging to widen application options beyond the medical and basic research domain. This project aims for the responsible development and embedding of neuroimaging technologies in three core domains, being health care, education and justice & security. A science-society dialogue is considered important to ensure a balance between societal benefit and the avoidance of unanticipated and unintended negative impacts. However, such a dialogue is largely absent. Furthermore, literature on how to facilitate such dialogues is sparse. In this project we initiate an innovative science-society dialogue process, based on the Interactive Learning and Action approach. In successive round, stakeholders from science and society are actively involved in an open exchange, planning, action and reflection process on opportunities, concerns and desirable options of neuroimaging technologies and neurogenomics.

Marije de Jong
Jacqueline Broerse
Tjard de Cock Buning
Frank Kupper   

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