Athena Science Shop

Athena Science Shop supports non-profit organisations in all countries over the world by implementing research projects with a potential societal impact within the four research themes of Athena

  • ‘Emerging Technologies and Society’
  • ‘Health, Wellbeing and Society’
  • ‘Sustainability and Society’
  • ‘Education for Science and Society’

Athena coordinates research projects for individuals, civil society organizations (CSO) and communities who aim to address real world problems or explore opportunities for sustainable futures within one of the four research themes. The community partners provide the research questions and students conduct research in order to address the question. All projects are supervised by Athena staff members. In most cases research includes active participation with various stakeholders, including the communities. We offer projects for bachelor, master and research master students in the Netherlands as well as abroad.

If you are an organization that would like to pose a research question, or you are a student interested in conducting your thesis or internship in this field, please contact our coordinator, Anna van Luijn (