23rd International Conference on "Horizons in Hydrogen Bond Research"

HBOND 2019 AmsterdamThe 23rd International Conference on "Horizons in Hydrogen Bond Research" (HBOND2019) will be held from September 24 till September 27 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The conference site is located in the O|2 building of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, in walking distance from train, tram and metro stations. The venue is also easily accessible from the airport or the city center.


Hydrogen bonded systems play a very important role in many disciplines such as chemistry, biology, astrophysics, supramolecular chemistry and nanoscience, chemical engineering, and material sciences. The International Conference on "Horizons in Hydrogen Bond Research" is a biennial conference series with a long tradition. It gathers scientists working in the field of hydrogen bonding research and other weak interactions, who study virtually all states of matter by a multitude of experimental and theoretical methods.

Young Researchers Symposium

HBOND2019 will have a Young Researchers Symposium on the day before the main conference begins. This event (on Monday 23.9.2019) is organized by and for PhD students, and gives them the opportunity to present their research to their peers and to the participants of the main event.


Keynote speakers

Jonathan Clayden – Bristol, UK
Jesús Jiménez-Barbero – Bilbao, ES
Bert Meijer – Eindhoven, NL
Erik Nibbering – Berlin, DE
Paul Popelier – Manchester, UK
Manuel Yáñez – Madrid, ES
Han Zuilhof – Wageningen, NL 

Invited speakers
Elangannan Arunan – Bangalore, IN
Aloke Das – Pune, IN
José A. Fernandez – Bilbao, ES
David González Rodríguez – Madrid, ES
Stefania Grecea – Amsterdam, NL
Tom Grossmann – Amsterdam, NL
Trevor A. Hamlin - Amsterdam, NL
Poul Erik Hansen – Roskilde, DK
Wouter Herrebout – Antwerpen, BE 
Henrik Kjaergaard – Copenhagen, DK
Zdzislaw Latajka – Wroclaw, PL
Jan Lundell – Jyväskylä, FI
Sonia Melandri – Bologna, IT
Laura Orian, Padova, IT
Marcin Palusiak – Lodz, PL
Jordi Poater – Barcelona, ES
Silvia Simon – Girona, ES
Martin Suhm – Göttingen, DE
Halina Szatylowicz – Warsaw, PL
Ingmar Swart – Utrecht, NL
Nicholas Walker – Newcastle, UK
Andy Wilson – Leeds, UK
Judy Wu – Houston, US

There are a few slots for contributed speakers. Please apply via the registration.


Registration has been closed because the maximum capacity of attendants has been reached. We thank you all for the overwhelming interest in our HBOND2019 conference!

Organizing Committee

Célia Fonseca Guerra - chair             
Matthias Bickelhaupt - co-chair           
José Fernández - vicechair               
Anna Kuczynski - conference secretary      
Trevor A. Hamlin
Stephanie van der Lubbe
Pascal Vermeeren
Eva Blokker


The final program can be downloaded here.



If you should have any questions. Please don't hesitate to contact us at hbond2019@vu.nl.