Internships for Animal Ecology

We offer internships for students at our institute. Below you will find a list of recent openings in animal ecology:

Community and Evolutionary Ecology

Community Ecology

  • How different can you get?: trait diversity in soil animals
  • Facilitation in soil: the role of ecosystem engineers in community composition
  • Be loved or be eaten: do signals adapt to differences in species composition?
  • The impact of exotic species on island ecosystems in the Dutch Caribbean
  • Tracing the spread of exotic species using genetic markers
  • Universal patterns in biodiversity

Evolutionary Ecology

  • Epigenetic changes and evolutionary loss of lipogenesis in a parasitoid wasp
  • Trait plasticity and species dominance in beach communities
  • Variation in lipogenic ability in a parasitoid: why would only some individuals get fat? (BSc/ MSc project, start Sep 2015, or later)
  • Tropical rumble or urban jungle: do frogs adjust their calls to different sensory conditions?
  • Evolution of LA synthesis in Pancrustaceae


Behavioural Ecology

  • Bizarre reproductive behaviours: physiology and evolution of love darts and other sexual attributes 
  • Sex and conflict in simultaneous hermaphrodites; behaviour, physiology, morphology and evolution
  • Quantity or quality: measuring female reproductive investment in a hermaphrodite?
  • The evolution of multimodal signals: Why are there still ugly males?
  • Feeling the vibes: role of vibrations in host-searching behavior of parasitic wasps
  • Spying on a Hidden Predator-Prey Communication Channel

Ecotoxicology and Ecogenomics


  • Assessing the Toxicity of Neonicotinoid Insecticides Towards Soil Invertebrates
  • Toxicity of nanoparticles to soil invertebrates
  • Optimizing metal bioaccumulation studies with Enchytraeus crypticus


  • Comparative transcriptomics: are transcriptional stress responses comparable among distantly related species ?
  • Mathematical modeling of dose-response curves using microarray gene expression data.
  • Super bugs: can heavy metal adapted springtails withstand higher levels of oxidative stress ?
  • Validation of promising gene expression assays for improved soil quality assessment
  • The gut microbiome of a springtail: who's there and what are they doing ?
  • Linking microbial communities to crude oil weathering in mangrove environments
  • Impact of remedial agents on microbial communities

Nature Conservation

  • Researcher Matt Helmus offers various internships on his personal website. Please click here to get an overview. Matt can be contacted by email
  • Effective population size of two heavily hunted carnivores in the Karoo, South Africa
  • The island biogeography of exotic species