Assessment of pesticides in the Ethiopian Rift Valley

Start date: July 2014
End date: June 2018

Coordinator Environment and Health: Prof. Dr. Marja Lamoree

Funding: NUFFIC

Introduction to the research project

The field work of this research project is carried out in Ethiopia, while the chemical analysis of the various types of samples is done in the laboratory of the department of Environment and Health. In specific regions in the Ethiopian Rift Valley, the occurrence, fate and effects of a selection of pesticides is  studied.

Main objective

This research aims to  establish the pollution status of the area and enhance horticultural crop production in order to maintain food security and food self- sufficiency of the Ethiopian population.


Using a questionnaire, information is gathered from subsistence farmers regarding the pesticides they use, their use procedures, their crops, etc. From this information, a selection of pesticides was chosen for further investigation. Firstly, the pesticide residue levels in a selection of crops were determined.  In addition, these residues were also analyzed in environmental samples, e.g. water, and in human matrices to determine the health hazard these residues cause in the community.

Staff involved in this project

  • Prof. Dr. Marja Lamoree, Coordinator (
  • Prof.Dr. Jacob de Boer
  • Kumelachew Mulu Loha (PhD student on the project)