Chlorinated Paraffins

Chlorinated paraffins (CPs) are highly complex mixtures consisting of linear alkyl chains which are chlorinated in various degrees. They are distinguished as short (C10-C13, SCCPs), medium (C14-C17, MCCPs) and long-chain (>C17, LCCPs) CPs. Currently, over 200 commercial CP formulations are in use for a wide range of industrial applications. 

CPs, especially SCCPs, are mainly utilized as extreme pressure additives in metal working fluids, as plasticizers and as flame retardants. Due to their high complexity analysts have struggled to develop reliable methods for their determination. 

Because these compounds are produced in very high quantities and are labeled as candidate POPs under the Stockholm Convention, E&H is working on the development of reliable methods for these compounds. This takes place with a PhD project in collaboration with the University of Queensland (ENTOX). The research is carried out by Louise van Mourik.


Prof.dr. Jacob de Boer