Microplastics Workshop and Interlaboratory Study

Microplastics Analysis Workshop and First Worrldwide Interlaboratory Study

Microplastics are emerging environmental contaminants that pose growing concerns for the environment. There is an urgent need to provide high quality data on spatial and temporal trends of plastic particles in a wide range of sample matrices, however the environmental contaminant analysis community is challenged to provide such data. For example, the current lack of sufficient quality assurance and quality control (QAQC) tools such as interlaboratory studies hinder comparable results between laboratories. The Dept. of Environment and Health of the Vrije Universiteit has recognized the need for an open interlaboratory study on plastic particles in a variety of sample matrices and has teamed up with interlaboratory study provider QUASIMEME and NIVA to meet this need.

International Workshop
This initiative kicks off with an international workshop in the English language open to all interested technical experts from around the world, to be held in Amsterdam 27-28 November 2018. The intention of the workshop is to review analytical issues surrounding microplastics analysis and to gather input from the expert analytical community who are up for the analytical challenge that plastic particles present for the design of an interlaboratory study. An interlaboratory study will be prepared following the workshop. Participants can join the workshop and later register separately for the interlaboratory study (expected in 2019).

What are Microplastics?
Microplastics is a catch-all term for plastic particles <5 mm in size which originate from the set of over 5000 different plastic material grades on the past and present markets. Microbeads, nurdles and fragments of plastic materials make their way to the environment, the food chain, indoor air and presumably also human bodies as the unintended plastic microdebris of the global plastics production and consumption system. The plastic materials are themselves mixtures of any number of polymers, copolymers, chemical
additives, non-intentionally added substances (NIAS), fillers and residual monomers. The size range of plastic particles of interest covers 6 orders of magnitude.

Environmental Microdebris: Identification and quantification of plastic materials

First workshop

Date: 27 November 2018 (09:30-17:00) and 28 November 2018 (9:00 to 12:30)
Venue: Vrije Universiteit, O|2 Building, Auditorium, De Boelelaan 1108, 1081 HV Amsterdam, The Netherlands
O|2 building map and directions

for workshop registration and abstract submission: 21 September 2018

Download Analysis of Microplastics Workshop Flyer

Download Analysis of Microplastics Workshop Registration Form (27-28 November 2018)

Louise van Mourik: l.m.van.mourik@vu.nl | Heather Leslie: heather.leslie@vu.nl | Jacob de Boer: jacob.de.boer@vu.nl