Doctoral Theses

Journal Articles

Conference Contributions / Article in Proceedings

  • Boer, J. de, Brandsma, S.H., Ballesteros-Gomez, A.M., Leslie, H.A. & Leonards, P.E.G. (2015). Flame retardants on our desks. In Organohalogen Compounds 77 (pp. 278-282). Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • Stuparu, D., Meulen, M. van der, Kleissen, K., Vethaak, A.D. & El Serafy, G. (2015). Developing a transport model for plastic distribution in the North Sea. In E-proceedings of the 36th IAHR World Congress. The Hague.
  • Zijlstra, S.J., Sugeng, E.J., Draaijer, S. & Bor, M. van de (2015). Formative Quizzing and Learning Performance in Dutch First-Year Higher Education Students. In E. Ras & D. Joosten-ten Brinke (Eds.), Computer assisted assessment: research into e-assessment (pp. 149-154). Switzerland: Springer.

Conference Contributions / Poster Presentations

  • Brandsma, S.H., Krystek, P.W. & Leonards, P.E.G. (2015). Pilot study about the behavior of different sized noble metal nanoparticles in two indicator organisms. In SETAC. Barcelona, Spain.
  • Dooren, C. van, Keuchenius, C., Vries, J.H.M. de, Aiking, H. & Vellinga, P. (2015). Identifying the sustainability and health impact of diets in Dutch population subgroups. In 12th FENS European Nutrition Conference. Berlin, Germany.
  • Hidasi, A.O., Tufi, S., Groh, K.J., Schirmer, K., Lamoree, M.H., Leonards, P.E.G. & Suter, M.J.F. (2015). Omics methods to find biomarkers of glucocorticoid exposure in zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryos. In CHanalysis2015, Swiss Division of Analytical Sciences of the Swiss Chemical Society. Beatenberg, Switzerland.
  • Hidasi, A.O., Groh, K.J., Tufi, S., Lamoree, M.H., Leonards, P.E.G., Schirmer, K. & Suter, M.J.F. (2015). Synthetic glucocorticoids in the aquatic environment: effects on zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryos. In 25th SETAC Europe Annual Meeting. Barcelona, Spain.
  • Krystek, P.W., Brandsma, S.H., Leonards, P.E.G. & Boer, J. de (2015). Explore -> Methods for compositional & particle size analysis. In NanoCity.
  • Lucattini, L., Meijer, J., Lamoree, M.H. & Leonards, P.E.G. (2015). Simultaneous determination of chemicals in dust samples – an automated fractionation method. In 15th EuCheMS International Conference on Chemistry and the Environment. Leipzig, Germany.
  • Meijer, J., Lucattini, L., Leonards, P.E.G. & Lamoree, M.H. (2015). Automated fractionation of dust extracts for chemical and toxicological profiling. In Annual meeting of the Dutch Toxicological Society (NVT). Soesterberg.
  • Ouyang, X., Legradi, J.B., Leonards, P.E.G., Oost, R. van der, Boer, J. de, Legler, J. & Lamoree, M.H. (2015). Comprehensive multi-dimensional liquid chromatography for Effect-Directed Analysis in WWTP effluents. In Annual BE-Basic Symposium 2015, 31 March-1 April,.. Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands.
  • Ouyang, X., Froment, J.F., Leonards, P.E.G., Tollefsen, K.E., Thomas, K.V. & Lamoree, M.H. (2015). Development of a T4-TTR binding assay for high throughput screening of thyroid hormone disruptors in the environment. In EDA-EMERGE PhD student conference. Leipzig, Germany.
  • Tufi, S., Leonards, P.E.G., Lamoree, M.H., Boer, J. de, Broeder, M.J. den, Legler, J. & Legradi, J.B. (2015). A novel approach to study neurotransmitter changes during early zebrafish (Danio rerio) development. In 9th European Zebrafish Meeting. Oslo, Norway.
  • Tufi, S., Lamoree, M.H., Kessler, N. & Leonards, P.E.G. (2015). A targeted metabolomics pipeline for elucidating imidacloprid sublethal toxicity in the freshwater snail Lymnaea Stagnalis central nervous system. In 11th International Conference of the Metabolomics Society. San Francisco, USA.
  • Tufi, S., Lamoree, M.H., Ravnsborg, C., Barsch, A. & Leonards, P.E.G. (2015). Investigation of imidacloprid toxicity on the central nervous system of the snail Lymnaea stagnalis by targeted metabolomics. In 63rd Annual Conference of the American Mass Spectrometry Society. St. Louis, USA.
  • Tufi, S., Lamoree, M.H., Ravnborg, C., Barsch, A. & Leonards, P.E.G. (2015). Investigation of imidacloprid toxicity on the central nervous system of the snail Lymnaea stagnalis by targeted metabolomics. In 63rd Conference of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry. St. Louis, US.
  • Tufi, S., Wassenaar, P., Osorio Torrens, V., Lamoree, M.H. & Leonards, P.E.G. (2015). Multiple metabolomics approach to investigate surface water toxicity in the freshwater snail Lymnaea stagnalis. In EDA-EMERGE PhD student conference. Leipzig, Germany.
  • Wassenaar, P., Tufi, S., Osorio Torrens, V., Leonards, P.E.G. & Lamoree, M.H. (2015). AchE bioassay and metabolomics on the aquatic model organism Lymnaea stagnalis to asses toxicological effects of surface water extracts. In Annual Meeting of the Dutch Society of Toxicology (NVT). Soesterberg, NL.

Book Chapters

  • Aiking, H. (2015). More plant-based eating for the planet. In J. Harland & L. Garland (Eds.), The plant-based Plan: 10 scientific reasons for more plant-based eating (pp. 247-249). Leuven, Belgium: Lannoo Campus.
  • Aiking, H. (2015). Food security - What is new? In K. Soeters (Ed.), Meat, The Future: How Cutting Meat Consumption Can Feed Billions More (pp. 13-42). Amsterdam: Nicolaas G. Pierson Foundation.
  • Jonker, L.W., Lamoree, M.H., Houtman, C.J. & Kool, J. (2015). Methodologies for Effect-Directed Analysis: applications in environmental chemistry, food quality assessment and drug discovery. In J. Kool & W.M.A. Niessen (Eds.), Analyzing Biomolecular Interactions by Mass Spectrometry (pp. 111-149). Germany: Wiley.

Journal Editorships

  • Boer, J. de (Ed.). (2015) Chemistry Journal of Moldova.
  • Boer, J. de (Ed.). (2015) Chemosphere.
  • Boer, J. de (Ed.). (2015) Handbook of Environmental Chemistry.
  • Boer, J. de (Ed.). (2015) Journal of Environmental Science and Health.
  • Lamoree, M.H. (Ed.). (2015) Chemosphere.
  • Leonards, P.E.G. (Ed.). (2015) Chemosphere.

Reports / External report

Anderson, A., Andrady, A., Arthur, C., Baker, J., Bouwman, H., Gall, S., Hildalgo-Ruz, V., Köhler, A., Lavender Law, K., Leslie, H.A., Kershaw, P., Pahl, S., Potemra, J., Ryan, P., Joon Shim, W., Thompson, R., Takada, H., Turra, A., Vethaak, A.D. & Wyles, K. (2015). Sources, fate and effects of microplastics in the environment: a global assessment. (External report, GESAMP Reports&Studies Series, no 90). London, UK: International Maritime Organization.


  • Aiking, H. (2015, March 24). Alternatieve eiwitten: Waarom? Welke? Wanneer? - Invited lecture. The Hague, Ministry of Economic Affairs.
  • Aiking, H. (2015, February 12). Food Sustainability and Food Security - Why Is Protein Pivotal? - Invited lecture. Nuremberg, Germany, BIOFACH 2015 Seminar “Holland Organic 2030 - towards an economic, ecological and social organic agriculture”.
  • Aiking, H. (2015, January 11). Food security - What is new? - Invited lecture. Bussum, NGPF boekpresentatie van “Meat, The Future: How Cutting Meat Consumption Can Feed Billions More”.
  • Aiking, H. (2015, November 17). Food security and sustainability - Why is protein pivotal? - Invited keynote lecture. Brussels, Belgium, Alpro-WWF Food Challenge Seminar “Sustainability on our plates”.
  • Aiking, H. (2015, June 30). Sustainability & Food: Give Peas a Chance? - Invited lecture. Utrecht, Climate-KIC Symposium “Green Protein: The Key to Future Food Security”.
  • Aiking, H. (2015, May 5). Sustainable protein production and consumption - Invited lecture. Helsinki, Finland, Finnish Food Congress 2015.
  • Aiking, H. (2015, January 6). Wat is vandaag de dag nog duurzaam? - Invited lecture. Driebergen, Louis Bolk Instituut.
  • Boer, J. de (2015, April 30). Comprehensive Multi-Dimensional Liquid Chromatography for Effect-Directed Analysis. Prague, Czech Republic, Thermo POPs Workshop.
  • Boer, J. de (2015, October 8). Mini-symposium on plastics in sea. Socio-economic aspects of micro plastics. Utrecht, Het instrument.
  • Boer, J. de (2015, April 21). New analytical methods for a growing family of flame retardants. Nanjing, China., Nanjing University.
  • Boer, J. de (2015, April 21). Recent trends in the use and environmental occurrence of flame retardants: more – less persistent – more toxic? Beijing, China, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
  • Boer, J. de (2015, April 27). Recent trends in the use and environmental occurrence of flame retardants: more – less persistent – more toxic? Beijing, China, International Symposium on Flame Retardants, BFR2015.
  • Boer, J. de (2015, April 9). Screening of additives in plastics from electric/electronic devices. Guangzhou, China, Eighth National Conference on Environmental Chemistry.
  • Krystek, P.W. (2015, September 27). Analytical insights into human risk assessments of noble metal nanomaterials. Providence (USA), FACSS SCIX conference.
  • Krystek, P.W. (2015, August 23). Beyond the determination of accurate, elemental concentrations: complementary analytical approaches in life science. Delft (NL), 14th International Conference on Modern Trends in Activation Analysis & 11th International Conference on Nuclear Analytical Methods in the Life Sciences.
  • Lamoree, M.H. (2015, September 1). Hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry for targeted and non-targeted metabolomics - invited lecture. Rhodes, Greece, 1st NORMAN workshop on analysis of problematic compounds.

Other output

  • Aiking, H. (2015). Nationale wetenschapsquiz 2015 (redactie vraag 14 van de quiz). Nationale wetenschapsquiz 2015: (2015, December 5 - 2015, December 24).
  • Boer, J. de (2015). Member of Scientific Assessment Group QUASIMEME. Quasimeme - Laboratory Performance Studies: Wageningen, the Netherlands.
  • Boer, J. de (2015). On hydrochloric acid road accident. Radio 1 Journaal: (2015, January 14).
  • Lamoree, M.H. (2015). Member of the NIH/NIEHS scientific evaluation panel: Organotin and Total Tin Levels in Danish Women of Reproductive Age.
  • Lamoree, M.H. (2015). Member of the scientific advisory board of the national research project 'Bestrijdingsmiddelen en omwonenden'(coordination RIVM).
  • Legradi, J.B., Santos, E. & Legler, J. (2015). Fish model scpecies in environmental toxicology.