Emerging Chemicals

Emerging Chemicals

Present-day industrial society results in the presence of many anthropogenic chemicals in the outdoor and indoor environment, emitted directly or indirectly via industrial, agricultural or consumer activities. It is estimated that more 340,000 chemicals are produced, and approximately 70,000 chemicals are commercially in use in the EU. This shows the high complexity and challenges to estimate the exposure to anthropogenic chemicals of organisms and humans.

We use high-end analytical techniques (e.g. high resolution mass spectrometry) to increase the power to detect and identify unknown compounds (non-target screening) in the environment and humans. For very complex chemical mixtures, such as chlorinated paraffines or petroleum hydrocarbons, two-dimensional chromatography separations (GCxGC or LCxLC) in combination with mass spectrometry are used.


Dr Marja Lamoree / Prof. dr Pim Leonards / Prof. dr Jacob de Boer

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