The master Prevention and Public Health provides tools for planning and designing theory- and evidence based health intervention programmes. The master also provides tools for evaluation research of these interventions.

Examples of interventions that will be studied during the master-specialization Prevention and Public Health:

  • A program to promote the consumption of fruit and vegetables at primary schools;
  • A mass media campaign to prevent alcohol abuse;
  • An intervention with individual counseling to quit smoking for heart patients;
  • A group intervention to prevent the development of a severe depression among people with light symptoms of a depression;
  • A program with sms-messages to enhance compliance to the medical regiment among HIV-patients;
  • An intervention at worksites to prevent overweight: nutrition education for employees and changes in the food supply of the canteen.


The following courses are part of the master Prevention and Public Health:

  • Care and prevention research (compulsory)
  • Health Promotion and disease prevention (compulsory)
  • Health Psychology
  • Prevention and Policy
  • Communication campaigns and research
  • Prevention of mental health problemls
  • Internship (five months)