Health Economics

With a staff of around 20 scientists and industry experts our section produces scientifically as well as socially relevant research in Health Economics and Health Services Research. We build on external partnerships with non-profit research institutes and private companies to advance our goal of evidence-based policymaking in health care.

Our research focuses on the following themes:

  • Quality

  • Accessibility
  • Affordability

(For Health Technology Assessment see Section HTA)


The TALMA Institute conducts multidisciplinary scientific research into institutional
barriers in healthcare and social security. Recognizing and helping to remove
these barriers makes healthcare more efficient. Read more


The LTC program aims to accelerate the adaptation of care evaluation outcomes
by better communication of mirror information and impact analysis towards health
care providers.


Our staff conduct research in cooperation with CIZ, the agency responsible
for granting long-term care entitlements in the Netherlands.


The GIANTS of the Modern World project looks to better understand the dramatic
increase in adult body height in the Netherlands.


Knowledge sharing through teaching and practice at Amsterdam UMC, in
post-academic courses in Health Economics for civil-servants and Health Economics
for health insurance employees. In addition, many of our researchers supervise students
participating in ongoing research at the department and at external organizations during
their internship.

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