Youth and Lifestyle

The aim of this section is to make meaningful contributions to optimal growth and development through lifestyle interventions in children and adolescents from conception till 19 years of age. The primary focus is on improvement of dietary habits but also other behaviours such as sleep and physical activity are addressed.

The research is embedded within the research institutes Amsterdam Public Health and Sarphati Amsterdam. Sarphati Amsterdam is an initiative of the city of Amsterdam to facilitate the provision of services and solutions to meet the healthy living needs of parents and children, including achieving a healthy weight for all children by 2033. Sarphati Amsterdam works on the basis of an open & trust-based collaboration model across multiple stakeholders - including the city, universities, private corporations, schools, professional and non-governmental organizations, as well as the parents and children of Amsterdam – providing a unique research infrastructure of longitudinal data of multi-ethnic cohorts of children and interventions in the context of an integrated local program for the prevention and management of overweight (and associated disorders) in children.

Most of the activities of the section youth and lifestyle are connecting research, policy and practice regarding the promotion of healthy lifestyles in children in the context of homes, schools, neighborhoods and health care but dissemination of knowledge is also national and international. Expertise is also shared in educational programs for students and professionals.