Research at the institute addresses the history of the sciences as a part of society, especially the relation between science and culture in the 19th and 20th century. Current research projects are:

  • History of physics, geophysical sciences and meteorology (Van Lunteren, Achbari, Flipse, Wegener)
  • The relation between science and religion in the modern age (Flipse, Van Lunteren, De Pater) 
  • History of mathematics, mathematical education and statistics (Beckers, Stamhuis, Rekers) 
  • History of genetics (Stamhuis) 
  • The emergence of international networks of researchers in the 19th century (Achbari) 
  • History of astronomy (Baneke, Realdi, Zuidervaart) 
  • History of paleontology and natural history museums (Nieuwland) 
  • History of women in science (Stamhuis) 
  • Newtonianism in the Netherlands (De Pater)

In the annual reports of the Institute one can find a survey of the research that was done in the last couple of years.