Kars Group (Geo- and Bioarchaeology)

The Kars Group consists of staff members of the former Institute for Geo- and Bioarchaeology.

Two research centres at VU Amsterdam are currently active in the field of archaeology:

  • CLUE+

    Culture, cognition, history and heritage are central concerns of contemporary society, of relevance to all social domains and at all geographical scales. The VU Amsterdam interfaculty research institute CLUE+ brings together top researchers from a wide variety of academic disciplines to jointly investigate these concerns and to reflect upon and formulate strategies towards societal challenges. Following the general VU profile themes, the focus is on challenges in the realm of connectedness, sustainability and governance.

    With interdisciplinary projects addressing these topics in novel ways and with innovative techniques, CLUE+ aims to provide an inspiring research climate for young academic talents. Its international orientation makes it an ideal partner for fellow research institutes and for public organisations active in the arenas of culture, cognition, history and heritage, both within Europe and neighbouring regions.


    The Amsterdam Centre for Ancient Studies and Archaeology, ACASA, combines the departments of Archaeology of VU Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam. The centre offers academic education in the fields of classical languages, archaeology, ancient studies and ancient history. The ACASA master's programmes are offered by UvA and VU together.

    The Master's and Research Master's programmes in Archaeology and Classics and Ancient Civilizations all consist of three different programmes and various specialisations. Students can specialise in a variety of topics , ranging from Ancient Greek literature to Landscape Archaeology and Akkadian.

    ACASA also joins forces with specialist in the fields of Religious Studies, Ancient Philosophy, and Hebrew Studies and we encourage students to make use of all the available expertise at both universities.