VU-UvA onderzoek

In the interview series Science Research @ UvA-VU, various existing research partnerships in the UvA and VU are highlighted.


Wybren Jan Buma14-12-2015
One of the longest-running Amsterdam research collaborations was formally launched in 1994 when the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science sought to merge research in the Netherlands into research schools. ‘There was a kind of natural conglomeration around research with the molecule as its basis,' relates professor of Molecular Spectroscopy Wybren Jan Buma. Read more

System Microbiology

Filipe Branco dos Santos“We work together because we want to; together, we produce good science. This is not an institutionalised collaboration that was forced upon is, this really is bottom-up.” Filipe Branco dos Santos was part of Bas Teusink’s Systems Bioinformatics group at the VU Amsterdam institute IBI, or Centre for Integrative Bioinformatics VU, between 2008 and 2013. Read more


Lora Aroyo17-11-2015
How can computer scientists work with academics from the humanities? That is a topic the future Center for Humanities and Technology (CHAT) will be focusing on. One of its founders is Lora Aroyo, a researcher from the Web & Media Group in VU Amsterdam’s Computer Science department. Read more

Amsterdam Water Science

Pim de VoogtThe water in and around Amsterdam – that's the focus of the new Amsterdam Water Science consortium (AWS), that will be officially launched at the AWS symposium on November 25th and 26th. ‘In AWS, existing lines of research pursued by both universities are given a visible form,’ says Pim de Voogt, Professor of Chemical-Biological Interactions in Aquatic Ecosystems. Read more


Maarten de Rijke06-10-2015
When doing research, you often use data gathered by your predecessors. But how do you know whether the data you need exist, where you can find them, what their history is? To assist in such matters, the brand new project Re-Search has been set up. Read more


Gerard-RavenWhat happened after the Big Bang? Where did all the antimatter go? What is dark matter made of? These are some of the fundamental questions of subatomic physics. Gerhard Raven, Professor of Experimental High Energy Physics, is trying to arrive at some answers, along with his colleagues from Nikhef. Read more

Research group Systems Biology

Hans WesterhoffThey’ve been working together for a good ten years: systems biologists at Science Park and the Zuidas campus. The VU researchers work in the Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences department of Molecular Cell Biology, while their UvA colleagues work at the Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences (SILS). The research group is headed by Hans Westerhoff. Read more

Amsterdam Soft-Bio Initiative

Daniel Bonn08-09-2015
“We’re great and we should take some credit for that,” says Daniel Bonn, Director of the Institute of Physics of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and as Professor of Complex Fluids, one of the founders of the Amsterdam Soft-Bio Initiative. Read more

Advanced Research Center for Nanolithography

Stefan Witte-19 juni 2015
Dr Stefan Witte is researcher at the Advanced Research Center for Nanolithography (ARCNL), where physicists from the University of Amsterdam and VU University Amsterdam cooperate closely in the field of nanolithography. Read more

Logic and Language

Stefan Schlobach 26 mei 2015
Two entirely different disciplines are being brought together. Professor and philosopher Arianna Betti and natural sciences researcher Stefan Schlobach are performing research together. How does this unique cooperative venture work? Stefan Schlobach explains. Read more

Are We Alone?

Carsten Dominik 12 mei 2015
  ‘It’s one of the big questions for humanity. Is life on earth unique? And if there are other forms of life out there, are they simple or complex? It’s long-term research, but I would love to find answers to those questions during my career,’ says Carsten Dominik. Read more

Applied Gaming Research Community

Tibor Bossche- 21 april 2015
Academic staff at VU University Amsterdam’s Network Institute and the University of Amsterdam’s Master’s programme in Game Studies have created a new platform. A group of researchers working in the field of Applied Gaming. Read more

Centre for Analytical Sciences Amsterdam

Peter Schoenmakers 7 april 2015
‘The UvA and VU University Amsterdam are home to a high concentration of analytical chemistry professionals. In addition to our individual strengths, we offer a very special, highly unique combination,’ explains Peter Schoenmakers, professor of Analytical Chemistry at HIMS. Read more

Earth Surface Science

Wilfred Roling highlightChemicals in drugs end up in our waste water and in the environment. Fortunately, some microorganisms may be able to break down these harmful substances. Exactly how these bacteria do this is being jointly investigated by the Earth Surface Science subgroup at the University of Amsterdam and by the Molecular Cell Physiology subgroup at VU University Amsterdam. Read more

Dynamic Analysis Seminar

Han Peters 6 maart 2015
Talking about their research is an important activity for mathematicians, but an audience of five colleagues is just too small. And so, every two weeks, UvA researchers and their VU colleagues come together to attend a lecture on dynamic analysis. ‘We often have twenty people in the lecture hall, that's a nice crowd.’ Read more

Bacterial Cell Biology

Joen Luirink highlightVU University’s Dr Joen Luirink studies processes in bacterial cell envelopes. One of his projects focuses on a protein complex that plays a crucial role in the division of bacteria. Cell division is also the focus of the Bacterial Cell Biology research programme at the University of Amsterdam. Together, the researchers are working to shed light on this mechanism at the Swammerdam Institute of Life Sciences. Read more


Tom Gregorkiewicz en Joost Reek 9 februari 2015
The year started auspiciously for SOLARDAM: two years after its founding, the consortium received seed capital for eight postdocs. The initiators are anxious for them to start as soon as they can. 'We're all chemists, physicists or biologists; these are going to be real SOLARDAM people.' Read more

Amsterdam Center for Multiscale Modeling

Lucas Visscher- 27 januari 2015
In 2007, chemists Evert Jan Baerends of VU University Amsterdam and Daan Frenkel of the University of Amsterdam decided it made sense for the two universities to collaborate more closely in the field of molecular modelling. The two professors went on to become the founding fathers of the Amsterdam Center for Multiscale Modeling (ACMM). Read more

Amsterdam Data Science

Maarten de Rijke 12 januari 2015
‘The time is ripe for data science,’ says Maarten de Rijke, director of Amsterdam Data Science, a network organisation in which 300 Amsterdam-based scientists exchange knowledge and forge partnerships within and outside of the academic community. Read more