Electronic Engineering Group

The Electronic Engineering Group offers an array of electronic design solutions and production services. With many years experience in all stages of innovation, Elektronica Beta VU has assisted many researchers from different domains with their experimental setup.

We work in close collaboration with researchers to provide an optimal solution in terms of time, money and requirements. We offer a broad range of technologies: analog and digital circuit design, pcb design, surface mount technologies, field programmable gate arrays, microcontrollers, wired and wireless communication, embedded/real-time/application software (C/Java/LabVIEW/LabWindows), data acquisition, motor control, valve control and more. We can create one or more full featured prototypes or outsource a production run with many units.

A selection of projects:

2011-2881-01Ariadne SoftwareAriadne is a flexible program to automate a measurement setup. Originally written for chemistry setups, but it has been used with other setups as well.
2011-2864-07400A CommutatorA watercooled 400 Amps commutator for switching the orientation of the magnetic field of a coil.
2011-2861-02MCT DAQA cabled PCIe instrument which integrates and digitizes the pulses from a 128-Element HgCdTe (MCT) InfraRed Detector Array.
2010-2961-02NeuroFysica MicroscopeAn innovative microscope co developed with NeuroSciences and FMI Beta VU. We developed a novel high speed photon counting device and the application software for operating the microscope.
2010-2864-03Fiber Photodiode AmplifierThis fiber photodiode amplifier features a FID3Z1LX InGaSa PIN photodiode. An electronic circuit build around de Mini-Circuit ERA3+ converts, amplifies, and buffers the optical signal up to 150MHz. There is an AC and a DC coupled version available. 
20096002Steppermotor controllerThis stepper motor driver can drive stepper motors with an adjustable current up to 7A per phase. It can be externally controlled (speed, direction, enable) or set to manual mode. The motor coil’s peak current can be set from 1.5 .. 7A in 0.5A increments.
20094501EndoscopeFor the department Biomedical Physics(FEW) a catheter has been developed. Inside the catheter a laser beam goes trough a fibre, at the tip a small mirror is rotating to make scans inside the human body.
20083002USB StepperA simple steppermotor controller using out USBLiTE board.
2008-2911-01BIBROBIg BROther is watching your freezers. We developed a new version of an internet enabled freezer monitoring system. A web interface gives temperature readout and trends, alarms via SMS or email. Multiple sensortypes can be attached opening new possibilities such as CO2 measurement, humidity, ect. 
2008-2962-02Pinch Valve ControllersController boxes in various formats to drive pinch valves (and other valve types as well).
20083003Digital Lock-inTen behoeve van een Atomic Force Microscopy opstelling worden diverse  lock-in versterkers gerealiseerd met een FPGA gebaseerd National Instruments CompactRIO systeem.
2008-2926-02EC-DataloggerWireless Java based datalogger with on the fly Eddy Covariance calculation.
20074003PDA-4Cabled PCI-Express high speed (300kHz) 96 channel PhotoDiode Array (PDA) spectrum acquisition instrument.
20089101USB BurstGeneratorUSB 2.0 (VUSB based) BurstGenerator
20076002PET ScannerUSB2.0 (VUSB based) Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanner for educational purposes.
20079101BioJetBioassay printer using Ink-Jet technology. A mechatronic instrument co-developed with FMI Bèta VU.
2006-2937-01AGESAutomated Gas Extraction System.
20072002VIRGO+DemodulatorVoor het VIRGO project in Pisa, Italie ontwikkelen wij een verbeterde versie van een demodulator board.
20069102USB Delphi DAQUSB based data acquisition instrument and analyser software.
20069104USB Solenoid DriverUSB based instrument and software to control SMC solenoids.
20069101USB Valve DriverUSB based instrument and software to control VICI valves.
20051005PhasefreqLockEen Lockbox front end voor laser fase locking met faseherstel mechanisme
20074002USB Line OutSimple general purpose USB to 50 Ohms line driver.
20079201Piezo Gasvalve ControllerInstrument to control a ceramic gas-valve.
20064001AutocorrelatorMechatronics instrument to change the optical path lenght in a sinusoidal way.
20069401Wells Microplate SpoolingAutomatisch Wells Microplate spoelapparaat.
20051004Laser Power MeterUsing existing power heads and featuring analog and digital readout.
20059202Avalanche SwitchMet de Avalanche-switch wordt een puls opgewekt van ruim 1000 Volt gedurende 10 nanoseconde.
20054007PDA3USB2.0 (VUSB gebaseerd) Photodiode Array spectrum acquisitie instrument.
20054008VUSBUSB 2.0 FPGA Instrument bouwblok
20041003LockboxEen snelle, modulaire PID controller voor laser toepassingen
20042001ECSVoor de Vertex detector bij CERN ontwikkelden wij een controleboard, een temperatuur monitoring board en een Low Voltage Mezzanine board.
20049101PotentiostaatEen combinatie van een power amplifier, stroommeter, data-aquisitie kaart en software. De potentiaal tussen twee elektroden van een elektrochemische cel wordt constant gehouden door de condities van een derde elektrode te wijzigen. De stroom die door de cel loopt wordt gemeten.
20031003ObelixDe Obelix is een snel, multifunctioneel, Java-programmeerbaar controllerboard.
20039202MCP pulserDe MCP-pulser maakt een puls van maximaal 900 Volt, die gebruikt wordt om een Micro Channel Plate (MCP) aan te sturen. De pulsduur is instelbaar tussen 25 en 120 ns.
20022001'Alcapone' Chip testerDe Alcapone Chip Test opstelling bestaat uit hardware en software bedoeld om (semi) automatische tests op “Alcapone” chips uit te kunnen voeren.
20004001Integrate and HoldSignaal conditionering voor een 32 element MCT (Mercury-Cadmium-Telluride) detector array.