Technology Centre

It is common for researchers to need specific measuring instruments for their research. The two departments of the Technology Centre - the Electronic Engineering Group and the Mechanical Instrumentation and Engineering Group - play an important role in developing solutions. At each stage, they offer their expertise and service: from design to implementation. 

Electronic Engineering Group

Elektronica Beta VU assists researchers from all beta domains with their experimental setup. From purchasing that missing cable to developing innovative electronics and software, we are here to help.

In close cooperation with scientists Precicion Mechanics and Engineering Group (PMIB) develops high grade instrumentation enabling research on the cutting edge of science. FMIB assist research and education by producing parts for research setups and by providing service. FMIB facilitates the valorisation of technical setups by designing commercial products and manufacture the first series.


The VU-Technology Centers team up with the VU research groups to develop the technical solutions. Solutions and products scientists need for doing leading and cutting edge research. The TC’s have set Tec4Science (T4S)  to provide an easy gateway to bring these technical solutions to the market and to enable other research parties in the world to tap this technology. See