Design and Production


CATIA-V5 is our CAD package to make mechanical designs. The Finite Element Modules of CATIA are used to do frequency analysis and stress analysis. CATIA visualisations of the designs prove over and over again to be very useful in project discussion between technicians and scientists.

(CNC) Turning and Milling

The FMIB workshop houses a variety of conventional and advanced CNC milling and turning machines.

Welding Techniques

FMIB uses different welding techniques such as, TIG en MIG, for welding stainless steel, aluminium and steel. Plasma welding is used for fine and precise work pieces and spot welding for pieces from very big to very small

Sheet Metal Work

Cutting, bending and shearing etc. of metal and plastics in the range of tenth’s of millimetres to 2 meter is possible at the FMIB workshop


The glasswork is outsourced, FMIB can contact the firm for you.

Optical Components

The LaserLab uses a set of standardised optical components, comprising of lenses, mirrors, prisms etc. All these components are compatible. FMIB has a stock of all the components and arranges the outsourcing of the production of the components.