A part of the instrumentation developed by FMIB is made available for other parties or sold through commercial partners. Below you can find some examples.


FractioMateThe FractioMate™ is a contact-free high-frequency spotter device, ejecting droplets for HT-EDA. It is the bridging unit integrating biological toxicity responses with chemical data.

Features FractioMate™

Stereotaxic System STS100

An easy to use and versatile stereotaxic system for surgery on mice. The highly advanced stereotaxic system STS100 has been developed in close collaboration of scientists and lab technicians of the Center for Neurogenomics and Cognitive Research with staff of the fine mechanics and electronics departments.

Features Stereotaxic System STS100


The Micropicker is the first picking tool for the selection and collection of particles such as mineral grains with a size of 30µm-1000µm. It is specifically designed for use in scientific research. This unique tool shortens picking times and improves selectivity of picking.

Features Micropicker MPC100

Kobra Cell

The KOBRA cell is developed in the Analytical Chemistry department. The cell is used in the detection of aflatoxins B1 and G1. FMIB did the product design and produces the cel for a commercial company.